The best part of this bear market is that this subreddit is actually usable, and not plagued with shill topics (like one that’s currently on the front page).

I sure do love cryptocurrency. I also enjoy interacting with other people who enjoy it, and even if we disagree it’s fun to debate and learn.

What I don’t enjoy is when a company hires someone to write a 3000 word shill post, and then they upvote it and mass comment on it using their hundreds of sock puppet accounts.

What’s even worse is when you try to call out this behavior, they then use those hundreds of sock puppet accounts to bury you in downvotes and reply to each other’s comments all patting each other on the ass.

It’s fake as fuck, cringe, and does nothing but try to enrich some asshole. If you see any slick topic in this subreddit with a bunch of shallow comments all cheering each other on, please downvote the shit out of it and call it for what it is.

The problem is far too vast during the bull market; I guess we have to accept that sort of thing is allowed. But now? During the great bear? This is our one moment of peace and respite.

Let us have it. Fuck off shills.

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42 thoughts on “The best part of this bear market is that this subreddit is actually usable, and not plagued with shill topics (like one that’s currently on the front page).”

  1. Yea, I learned my lesson a lot. VET is really sad in my portfolio and I bought it because it was the temporary love of this sub early last year.

    Never again.

    I’ll just stick to my own opinions.

    My biggest worry: I like ALGO. But the fact that this sub likes it too makes me worried about its future….

  2. This is probably the biggest reason why I never got into Algo. From what I know it’s a good project in terms of fundamentals, but this non-stop, coordinated, cringy shilling in this sub keeps me out of it every time. And of course, every time there is a post about another coin reaching a milestone there must be an Algo maxi remembering us how it’s a shitcoin and can’t be compared to Algo.

  3. I sadly disagree. This sub has been pretty unusable for quite some time. Sure, there are some quality posts occasionally. But it’s annoying to weed them out through all the shills and mainly stupid moon farming posts. I think the moons is really what killed this sub, along with the previous boom of idiot investors paired with the general state of the world. Very difficult to have a civil conversation in any sub, much less this one. Not all hope is lost. In a way, I would be somewhat happy for a prolonged bear market, so that only folks with legitimate interest in crypto would remain in this sub. Time will tell.

  4. The 3 people that I have learned to hate with no remorse if it causes them mental stress




  5. Gotta agree the sub is alot less hectic now than when it was a year ago and also when there is a good post it don’t get burried in shitposts thankfully…

  6. I dna man, i miss not being able to refresh quicker than the 1,000 bot moon farmer accounts all saying the same thing in the daily

  7. This subreddit continues its path of ignorance and harm. The content continues to be of the most horrible and even absolutely false quality. Scams continue to be the sole thing discussed here, and misinformation the agreed reality. Verification, computer science, nor diligence have any place here, and it is because of this broken and twisted culture which continues that we will see again thousands of people harmed.

    This subreddit is a principle source of harm in the ecosystem.

  8. Its definitely better, but the content can be shallow especially in the daily. Its like people have a daily comment quota and have to fill it with cheap content like “Hodl” and “we’re still early.”

  9. It’s certainly nice that flash in the pan memecoin scams seem to be 99% less frequent than they were a year or so ago. I’m not even mad when I see one now, I’m just in utter disbelief that anyone capable of falling for that garbage actually still has any money left at this point.


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