That easy to do cryptocurrency arbitrage?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if I’m missing something and what are the risks here.

I was on a centralized exchange looking at a token (small volume) lets call it “RNDM” for this example, and saw something similar to:- 10 RNDM / USDT = $1.9

\- 10 RNDM / BTC = $2.5

And when I increase it from 100 RNDM to 10000 RNDM the difference seems to be the same.

I have not bought or sold any yet.

Both of these are on the same exchange.

So I’m wondering if I can just manually do the arbitrage, buy from one pair, sell from another pair, then convert BTC to USDT and repeat.

Seems too easy so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m missing something obvious here.

Can anyone shine any light on it? And if I could do it, what are the biggest risks?

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8 thoughts on “That easy to do cryptocurrency arbitrage?”

  1. If the volume is small enough, you’ll single-handedly move the market if you go too big. Slippage, transaction fees, and the time in between trades are the three risks.

    But yes, arbitrage opportunities do exist in crypto.

  2. I personally wouldn’t get into arbitrage unless you’re moving massive amounts. And even then you have a huge risk in this market, go for it though if you are ballsy.

  3. Check that when you preview the buy the exchange isnt offering a poor spread. Coinbase and others never allow trading at market value but always slightly higher or lower in their favour to make a profit from your trade while claiming they charge no trading fees.


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