Tezos- price matters

So Tezos is basically a blockchain that has formalized governance to help instantiate changes to its protocol. It has successfully undergone 10 upgrades so far aligning the interests of the developers, stakers, and holders of the token without sacrificing decentralization. It has absorbed functions from Zcash, tindermint from Cosmos, and others. Analyzing the blockchain, one can objectively see that the protocol has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of NFT usage, adoption from companies, and more.
I am curious what the crypto community can make of the xtz price however. I understand basic economics, but it still boggles my mind that so many other blockchains that are far behind in terms of all of the above metrics still hold a higher dollar amount/CMC ranking- token price.


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10 thoughts on “Tezos- price matters”

  1. A crypto being good and useful doesn’t always correlate to a high price per coin.

    Tezos can do what it does if it costs 10 cents or 10 dollars. It’s useful for the function it was designed for independent of its price.

    Price is a factor of how many tokens are held by investors versus how many are in circulation, and the buy/sell pressure for the token.

    If I don’t need to hold 10000 XTZ to do whatever XTZ is designed to do, then the only people holding 10000 XTZ are investors. Which means price is pretty independent of value.

    It can be a valuable and useful project, but if using the project for what it’s designed to do doesn’t require hodling big bags of XTZ, then the only ones hodling are investors, making price per coin completely separate from the project’s utility.

  2. I’m a long term holder of XTZ. My theory is simply that its dollar value will catch up to its true worth. When? I don’t know.

  3. Once the dust settles on these other chains and the hype on their coins fade, XTZ will still be here chugging along. I believe price will follow eventually.

  4. I think the fact that it doesnt use the EVM like all the other copycats has hurt tezos in the last few years but will benefit it the next few years.

  5. Their foundation bakes and used their massive rewards to pay their people. Their people dump. The foundation creates a huge amount of sell pressure and honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out there is shinannigsns with shorting their own token.


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