Techniques for efficient post-quantum finance (Part 1: digital signatures)

We’re happy to release the first part of a series for developing efficient post-quantum finance in an adversarial world by Geometry Labs (u/geometrylabs) in partnership with the Quantum Resistant Ledger ($QRL)

In this article, we look at how to efficiently implement lattice-based digital signature schemes. We show how they can be made more efficient with sparse keys, and link to a python package that employs these signatures.

We’ll also be hosting an AMA with Geometry Labs after the series is complete and would love any questions that you think of on this or related content such as Proof-of-Stake, smart contracts, or post-quantum cryptography.

AMA form to ask questions can be found at (you’re also welcome to ask here of course)

This is a follow up to the release of lattice-algebra, a fundamental infrastructure package for building lattice-based cryptography.

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  1. Man I’m barely getting a handle on impermanent loss, now I have to learn about post quantum cryptography? Tech moves fast in this field!


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