TCP/IP … Bitcoin and beyond

With the invention of TCP/IP at the bottom of the bear market in the 1970s (let’s call it 1975), we got the building blocks necessary to have the infrastructure for the internet of everything including bitcoin today. From 1975 to 2000 is 25yrs and this cycle was ended with a bubble bust. Roughly 10yrs later was given enough time to develop new technologies and gave rise to web2.0. If this 25yrs cycle can be repeated, we’re still in a massive growth cycle with an end date somewhere between 2035-2040 give or take.

Quick summary:

1. 1975 – 2000 (early development)
2. 2000-2010 (phase shift to exponential growth)
3. 2010-2035/40 (reaching the internet cycle top)


Just for shits and giggles, don’t use for investment purposes. haha

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7 thoughts on “TCP/IP … Bitcoin and beyond”

  1. I think because of the internet and how globally everything is connected now, plus the adoption of trading algorithms, cycles will continue to grow shorter. What used to be a 25 year cycle may on be 15 years (or less).

  2. Tcp/ip was not even the dominant protocol there, but wasn’t it about 10 years later for the connected nodes across the country

    I think 1985 is a better example in you weird post.

  3. Except if you look at the cycles of innovation throughout human history, we made more progress in the last like 300 years than all of human history combined.

    Only question is whether the singularity is coming in 2030 or 2050


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