Sunflowers ready to bring Polygon network on it’s knees once more. Be careful and don’t get rekt like I was

Polygon has had a few bumps in the road lately with network going offline and forking without any announcements, but nothing compared to the Sunflower madness of January 2022 when the whole network was brought down on its knees by a blockchain game.

The game was pulled by the devs very shortly after it boomed in popularity by claiming that it was hacked by an unknown person who was able to mint nfts and stuff like that. The value of token fell from 6$ to 2 cents in matter of few hours. Devs then promised that the game will be back up in a month or so (that was on Jan 1-2 or so. The game is releasing 4 months later in early April.

I started playing the game as one of the first players and I gotta admit it was kind of fun. The gas fees were starting to get insanely high and I stopped playing but kept about 50$ of SFF in wallet because it seemed like a legit game. Those SFF tokens are now worth about a 20 cents now. Its a lot of money for me which I still really miss.

My advice: be very careful with this game.

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11 thoughts on “Sunflowers ready to bring Polygon network on it’s knees once more. Be careful and don’t get rekt like I was”

  1. Polygon brought down by a game…

    Are there blockchain ready for the kind of intensity these games can bring ? Are we not there yet ? πŸ™‚

  2. Sun flower farmers go brrr.
    I’m sure they fixed the botting issues already.
    No way they’d be back if the problem is not sovled.

  3. I recently sold my stack in the last peak when eth was 3450~ it gave me an chance to move my stack to arbitrum so hopefully i wont be screwed by scaling issues on polygon

    I still have a big stake in matic though because i believe in it, however in doing some leverage trading and need to be able to trade reliably

  4. Let’s hope Adam doesn’t accidentally the blockchain again. Hoping he integrates his other coin, pegasus Republic, into his flower game πŸ‘€


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