Suggestion—No-chart November

Could we make this a thing? No looking at any charts for a whole month. No cheating. Turn off your tracker apps and everything.

I realise not everyone here has bad investing discipline but I’m worried about the people affected most from the current speculative chamber and I think it will give some people a well-needed break.

It is proven that human dopamine levels rise during market bubbles and lead to overvaluing. We get the same rush from social media as we do when that coin we’re invested in heads to the green. Given how popular and accessible buying crypto is there will be a lot of people who lack the self-control—the lines between chasing the rush or profit becomes blurred.

Yes it is very much a dog-eat-dog environment but I don’t think I speak for myself when I say that a lot of people have found crypto as the gateway to financial literacy.

Better mental fosters healthier discussions.

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28 thoughts on “Suggestion—No-chart November”

  1. Not the same thing but I had/have been thinking a lot about how little I know about investing. This led me to the decision on February 8th not to buy anymore crypto for a month. Just so I could step back and watch the market and pay attention to my impulses. So far it’s been cool, few times I wish I bought, definitely a few times I’m glad I didn’t, especially now with Ukraine thing going on.

  2. I’m not looking at anything until ukraine/russia comes to a head. Hopefully things deescalate and then at that point I’ll decide where my dca goes.

  3. I think it would be a good idea. Honestly I am so desensitized right now that the only way I know of price changes is when I get alerts if something changed a lot in price. 🙂

  4. I tried this last november, didn’t go well. Got 12 days and then i had to check some of those sweet sweet charts 🤤

  5. I have tried this for a day but I didn’t work

    I was forced to check LUXY because it get greenish at a time

    So as for me, I can’t stay with out checking


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