Spider Trap in the Crypto World.

Spider Trap in the Crypto Currency Market, Overall.

I don’t mean to be a pessimist, since the launch of the Robinhood stock and crypto currency trading application, I’ve hyped up the crypto currency market more than lord willing but DogeCoin and Orchid (Just to name a few) are a pretty fair indicator that the non-correlative bounce back of pop culture, hot topic crypto currency names such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are working as a temporary pull at market trust with too tempting short term yields for longtime traders who have historically taken advantage of the longterm holding market. It’s choosing to drink the Wacco Seige KoolAid when the stock market and foreign exchange currency markets are doing so good among current foreign affairs. Not to mention the taxes and, U.S. admitted, higher interest rates and low yielding bonds. The longterm holding crypto currency world and longterm stock market traders in general have factually lost more than 70% of the crypto market.

In conclusion, my anecdotal might be inconclusive, but you’re being a Mormon in a Judea-Orthodox-Catholic economy.

Only buy if Dogecoin stables, or if you’re living Waco Siege and will be put to death or at least persecuted if so.

*Coughing laughs at Elon Musk. Our Iron Man, our Dogefather, our Furher*

Cry for the Ethereum NFT creator community, it’s going to take a Banksy NFT to fix this one.

Banksy being Sasuke Uchiha to Itachi Uchiha.

Just remember Waco Siege happened. Bill Gates is rich again, with no kids, and single.

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