Sometimes it is best to take a break from cryptocurrencies

I’m not saying you need to sell everything and disappear.

But if you are a long term holder and believe in what you are getting into then a short break will not be a big problem for you.

Truth about Crypto is that it can be overwhelming.

You see the growth or loss of your portfolio every day, you think only about earnings, you just talk about cryptocurrencies, you are grumpy that day if the price of your portfolio has fallen, or you simply invest more than you can afford to lose. Looking for projects that can flourish, beware of scammers, do all the research every day trying not to miss some opportunity. Getting mad because you sold before it went up and you were one of the first holders of “that” coin.

All this is very interesting to me, and probably to you too, but sometimes it is really overwhelming.

So you should consider taking a break for a week, a month, a couple of attention to some other things in life.

Lock up your wallets somewhere safe, and then commit to not thinking about them. Then come back refreshed. Not a bad idea in my opinion.

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39 thoughts on “Sometimes it is best to take a break from cryptocurrencies”

  1. If the markets are getting you down just set up your recurring buys and go do something else, go outside and do drugs or something

  2. Yep, go spend a weekend camping, go out with your girl. Do something together than just staring at the markets every 5 minutes. Have some fun, crypto will still be here when you get back

  3. Great advice!

    Staked everything (if possible) and will just ride the wave like a surfer waiting for the right wave to catch.

    Peace out!

  4. I stopped looking last week haha. I’ll check when my earn contract expires and I have to renew it but I have no intentions of selling until I reach a specific price so none of this stuff even matters.

    I’m not suggesting people ignore their investments because I don’t know what they’re holding and *anything* can happen but this is just my opinion. Until ETH hits 20K and QNT hits 2K, none of this current stuff even matters to me

  5. Seeing red constantly can take a toll on you mentally.

    **It’s best to just step away from the charts and do something else that you enjoy!**

  6. >Sometimes it is best to take a break from cryptocurrencies

    This is good advice! If you don´t feel good, just take a break and try to go outside. A walk can do wonders

  7. Overwhelming to the gamblers and the quick moons boy…. The real investors are praying to god every day that prices still the same because we had more time to accumulate at discount prices… the only losers here are the gamblers and the rent money that you had on crypto…

  8. Once you dead inside, happy to ride -100% or +100%, dips are bought, tops sold.

    How you know it’s bottom? Plebs cry

    Top? Everyone bullish

    Never fails

  9. Looking at the charts is never healthy. We become anxious when price action is not going the way our brain wants, which happens 99.9% of the time. Holding and living your life is the best thing to do.

  10. I took a break for about 3 months 6 months ago, then I realized that I didn’t really give my family time to my friends and I upset them, but mine was like a decadence


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