Sometimes HODLing is not the answer. What if had actually sold back at 60k instead of HODLing to 35k?

You would have taken great profits and also been able to buy back at a lower price.

I know that no one can time the market or predict it, but you simply can’t expect for prices to keep going up infinitely. At some point you’re gonna have to make the decision of taking profits and reinvesting later on when prices are down.

If anything, this will give you the ability to change strategies. I actually sold around 55k and slowly started seeing that Bitcoin isnt the right investment for me.

I started staking and went heavy on DeFi projects like AAVE since they’re the best at lending (which gave me a lot of leverage)and new ones like BitDAO which have the largest treasury in the market so the governance power behind it was strong.

I don’t know why this sub treats it as a sin. Its actually smart to sell if you make an educated decision as to when.

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37 thoughts on “Sometimes HODLing is not the answer. What if had actually sold back at 60k instead of HODLing to 35k?”

  1. It’s easy to say you should have sold at $65k now that you know it dropped to $30k. But what if you had sold it at $65k and it spiked to $100k? Just as possible.

  2. Agreed–taking profits is never shameful.

    However, hindsight is 20-20. If you know in advance that prices are going to fall then, of course, you should sell and buy back lower. But in practice, you don’t know what the markets are going to do, and anyone saying they do is deluding themselves. While you can sometimes skew the odds in your favour–e.g., by selling after a major pump, say–human nature is still very susceptible to emotions and FOMO. In other words, even people who make the right call often lose money because, after selling, they panic when the price keeps going up, and buy back in at a loss only to have it actually go down.

    Point is, while it’s easy in hindsight, it’s not as easy as you’re making it out to be in the moment, and many, many people get rekt trying to time the markets.

  3. Depends on how long you plan to HODL. If you’re in it for two more cycles, that drop won’t matter. If you needed to cash out this year, that sucks.

  4. I agree in theory, and I have also taken profits, but at the same time just look back at the history of Bitcoin and consider making the same argument as $1,000, $10,000, $20,000, etc.

  5. What if I had a crystal ball? I not only would have doubled my coins, I could have shorted all markets and retired early lol. Tale as old as time: time in the market beats timing the market.

    Taking profits is not shameful, but when adoption was increasing, people were getting FOMO and 100k minimum EOY was all over the place, it’s challenging. I have sold early too. So instead, I believe in crypto, I DCA into crypto, and I enjoy the ride.

  6. Everyone plays the game differently man, it’s crossing the finish line that matters.

    Generally speaking it’s good advice for new people to actually learn how to stomach volatility so they can act without emotion to capture the swings you’re talking about, learn to save and accumulate bottoms etc..but trading isn’t for everyone.

    It also depends what you’re taking profit into…peeling or taking profit to buy dips, real assets or gold savings is fine.

    Dumping your entire bag at the top and walking away from the Industy isn’t very wise.

    I always leave some exposure on the table. I always buy every bottom.


  7. Of course we’re better off buying low and selling high. The challenge is execution. I don’t care how bad the downtrend is, the second I sell is the moment we have a parabolic move upwards.

  8. I posted something very similar 9 months ago when it was around $58k; and got very few responses and a few were really dicks about it.

    Could have sold when it was in the upper $50s and bought back in 2 months later in the low $30s.
    But I was too afraid to do it and just held instead.

    I need to think about taking profits at some point

  9. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you should always take profits when an asset pumps the way that crypto does. If you sell 1/4 of your bag on the way up, then you ensure yourself against all of the downside risk.

  10. Sure, selling at 60k and re-buying at 35k would have been the best move. But most times, trying to time the market is a good way to get burned.

    Time in the market beats timing the market 90% of the time

  11. We hodling for the future. It’s like if you bought in a $5 and it when up to $100 then dropped down to $25 then shot to $5000. See you would of sold at a $

  12. Yeah the problem with this though is that nobody can time tops or bottoms accurately. When we were at 60k, everybody thought we were heading to 100k. So who would have realistically left an additional 40k gain on the table. If it did get to 100k this conversation would be completely different but again nobody really knew or expected any of this

  13. When everyone and their mother was crying $100k by year end, there was not such a thing as a “$60k only” top.

    It’s easy to know what you should have done AFTER it happened.

    The real tricky part is doing it BEFORE. And making the right choice.

    What if you sold at $60k and then it proceeded to go to $100k for real, as everyone was chanting?


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