Someone please sell me on the Metaverse because I think 95% of the “Metaverse” projects are BS

So all of a sudden, out of nowhere, every video game or new game in development or new platform is a “metaverse.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but that wasn’t the vision for the Metaverse. It really is closer to Ready Player One, full immersive virtual world experience. Look, I’m into technology, I’m a gamer, have 2 VR headsets–the VR tech is awesome and I do believe will be huge. But I’m pretty tired seeing all these companies, valued at billions, talking about their metaverse, their digital land, their digital shoes, etc. when it’s literally just a crappy PS2 era video game. And I’m not talking about NFTs–I see the value in NFTs. Anyone who is a gamer can see that–let me take my Gears of War 2 skins I bought back then and use them in Gears 5 or Halo or COD, whatever. I’m all in on that idea.

Someone tell me why my logic is wrong on this new wave of “Metaverse” companies and lingo. I don’t think every single move in the crypto world is a move towards the Metaverse.

End rant.


Edit: Grammar. Somewhat.

Edit 2: Okay, I think I quickly have discovered my hangup and it’s partially semantics. What a lot of companies are trying to call “Metaverse” is what I thought we all agreed was just “Web3”. Now, if we’re all kind of agreeing that the intermingling and connecting of digital platforms, regardless of VR, AR, just a normal app, etc. is the “Metaverse,” then that makes the arguments much stronger. But from what I understand, that was not the intention of the Metaverse and we’re effectively redefining it to be the new label for Web3. We can all debate whether or not this is the right way to look at this. 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Someone please sell me on the Metaverse because I think 95% of the “Metaverse” projects are BS”

  1. i don’t see how people can be into decentralized crypto and also think there will be one centralized VR Sims game that everyone on Earth participates in. that seems incredibly stupid to me.

  2. The metaverse of the future is nowhere near completion rn, we are still far far away and who knows what companies will rise and fall in that time

  3. “Metaverse” is a buzz word with no actual meaning. People say “Metaverse” in the desperate hope of sounding cool. “Metaverse” is just a catch-all phrase describing whatever comes next as the Internet develops.

  4. Can’t. Being listening the “metaverse” idea with other names since 80s. It always fails, it always is nothing but BS.

  5. I’m with you on the majority of the metaverse hype. Who knows what it can evolve into, but right now it’s even more speculative than most other cryptos. However, you can never underestimate what people will spend their money on.

  6. As Satoshi once said,

    **If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.**

  7. What tires you about seeing that? I’m quite intrigued by the idea of the meta verse and follow it/interact with decentraland’s meta verse and none of the other companies attempting to dive into it tires me.

    Some meta verse projects are flukes primarily attempting to cash in. Some have real potential application and are right now basically testing grounds for how all the ideas can be implemented. I’m most intrigued by what Seoul is doing, even though it’ll certainly be full of holes. Still, there is plenty of promise and plenty to look forward to if you follow the right projects. And it’s not hard to see which have the right ideas, and which don’t. Just takes a little DYOR, patience, and common sense.

  8. Right now it seems there is a lot of BS going around about it, but I think there will be certain projects in the future that will actually create uses for it.

  9. Not gonna sell you on something i have no belief in, the metaverse in my opinion is gonna come tumbling down and the true metaverse is with DAO ecosystems. BitDAO for instance is building a DAO2DAO ecosystem that already has projects like Game7, EduDAO, and ZkDAO for the future of ethereum scaling. Disregard anything meta produces

  10. why do you need to be sold on it if its mostly over-hyped gimmicks/garbage? XD

    until we get full-dive tech ; the meta-verse is going to stay cringe af , just like the nft/jpg craze ; yes NFT tech is amazing , and its going to disrupt a lot of industries in the future , but atm its just a hype market

    just DCA more into BTC/ETH and maybe some other solid/reliable projects and throw some single digit portfolio %’s at a shitcoin for the lulz or whatevs and call it a day

    u can make a killing on defi right now ; the whole meta-verse thing is just another route to scam the rubes while everyone is still ignorant af

    and yes we agree ; these corpos are all about the semantics game ; its just propaganda, yep

  11. There’s an episode of Futurama where they go into the internet and is basically what the metaverse is.

    But there’s one specific bonus.

    We will be able to download a girlfriend.

    That’s right, boys! We could all get a girlfriend in the metaverse.

  12. So working means updating the latest algo on the mining rig and wandering around random virtual worlds and trading nfts with one another. Is that what the future holds for us?

  13. The metaverse as is portrayed in movies is probably 20+ years out. The current trash is neopets equivalent and will die out long before.

  14. all this stuff is the next ‘google glass’ . Good luck with any of this goofy shit taking off any time prior to like the year 2150

  15. You would be correct about that.

    The current version of the “Metaverse” is just a bunch of private companies building walled gardens that don’t connect or interact with each other in any meaningful way.

    It’s everything you can do on the current internet except it looks like a 2002 computer game and you have to wear a headset and use a digital avatar.

  16. I think the metaverse is definitely the future of social media. We will go from tweeting, posting on facebook and Instagram to being able to meet friends online in a virtual world and do virtual things, like go shopping, have parties, play sports, watch movies etc etc. There will be the dominant platforms of course but interconnectivity between the platforms will be important. I think it will evolve the internet, especially from 2d and 3d to holographic capabilities where you will no longer need schools and teachers and you will learn from home and sit with virtual classmates all around you. It will boom when holographic technology gets good enough. People will go on dates and have relationships in the metaverse. A lot of online businesses will do well like Amazon as you will be able to virtually try on clothes or IKEA where you can take a tour of a pre-designed room without having to go to the brick and mortar store. A lot of these games with crappy graphics that call themselves the metaverse will disappear but some will explode in popularity.

  17. No, you’re right. The “Metaverse” is a tech buzzword that’s being thrown around by idiots – especially the media.
    Zuck hopes he can make it completely under his control so we can all become enslaved in his virtual reality hellscape.
    Scammers are using it as a get rich quick scheme.
    Businesses are trying to act on it to “get ahead” of the market.
    And in reality, nobody actually wants it.

  18. When hardware gets remotely appealing I’ll consider the metaverse having some merit. Till then I don’t really get the hype.


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