Someone is impersonating Vitalik on instagram, IT’S A SCAM

# UPDATE: It seems the 1M follower account is down, we did it reddit!

There’s an account on IG called “buterin\_official” with **1 MILLION FOLLOWERS** that’s promoting a scam THROUGH INSTAGRAM PAID ADS

I repeat:



[I can’t believe this passed Instagram’s ads process](

Vitalik **has no IG** and he didn’t mention anything about this on his official page nor his verified twitter account.

The image is fake and the “send 1 ETH get back 2” is a scam older than the universe, don’t fall for that crap please

Here is the real image:


Spread the word, let’s end this kind of bullshit that only delegitimizes crypto

Report the accounts [ and [

Tag u/vbuterin, he might see this!


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37 thoughts on “Someone is impersonating Vitalik on instagram, IT’S A SCAM”

  1. Lol, it is getting to the point that I am starting to feel like those who will get scammed by this type of scam probably shouldn’t be in crypto, or stocks, or anything outside of the s&p 500 or something very conservative

  2. Theres a fake YouTube called microvision that does this pretending to be Micheal saylor live on livestream doing a promotion

    Almost fooled me because I thought it was the real channel

  3. Most of the 1M followers are just fake ones that can be bought cheap. (To add credibility to the account. I don’t believe 1M people will fall so quickly for this kind of crap)

  4. Maybe an unpopular opinion but if you’re STILL getting scammed by shit like this you deserve to lose it.

    While this scam may be unique to crypto in a way, the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” has been around for far, far longer than any of us.

  5. I tried reporting the account but when I do, ig asks me to select which person it’s impersonating and since he’s not on ig I can’t go further

  6. I use mostly my Instagram to look for girls and guys barely wearing clothes and doing pretty particular activities.

    Not for plans to invest in Cryptocurrency.

  7. How do people who have the competence to buy crypto fall for this? Even I at the age of 11 didn’t fall for this scam back on Runescape


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