Some Views On Crypto Mining From The Perspective Of Power Consumption

Crypto is pretty green. a few things to look at.

energy consumption is acceptable when its being produced renewably. you can use as much as you want if its ‘green’. its not a matter of amount

the crypto mining companies saw that the power cost is a huge cut into their profits. it caused them to seek alternatives. the environmental impact of this was substantial because it advanced the renewable industry as a whole. the total industry is now around 51% renewable energy globally. to put this into perspective the average american is around 36% in daily life.

in some less developed or under developed countries water and sewage utilities arent availible because they dont have the power to run the plants. no one will put up power plants because the local residents dont have the money to pay for it. the mining companies have gone to some of these areas and cut a deal with them. they will put up a power plant of some kind with enough energy surplus produced for the citizens of an area if the local government doesnt tax the companies profits. this lead to the mining companies plants producing enough to run water and sewage plants. now aside from the environmental impact we have a more important result. the human impact.

but most importantly what this comes down to is getting a better perspective of the situation. we have heard msm sh\*t talking mining for months. lets remember that that all the terrible issues they talk about come from the traditional oil burning power companies. all the waste and pollutants dont come from a mining warehouse they come from power companies. they dont have willingness to change into ‘green’ energy. crypto mining has spurred the renewable energy industry into action in a way no other industry has. think of it this way. if we all woke up with electric cars tomorrow the surge in power we would need to charge them would still come from the same environmentally damaging traditional power companies.

crypto mining effects on the environment and the world have been very positive. but dont take my word for it DYOR

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2 thoughts on “Some Views On Crypto Mining From The Perspective Of Power Consumption”

  1. Crypto mining hasn’t had a positive effect on the environment, but it is changing, fortunately. (I doubt that crypto mining would go for renewable energy if the environment wasn’t so damaged, so I guess, it’s the environment that pushes us to go for renewable energy, not crypto).

    I bet things look a lot greener in 5 years from now.


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