Some random facts and reasons to be concerned about Taiwan in the next few years and crypto. Not FUD.

Forenote: I’ve been working in the Taiwanese tech industry for several years. I am personally of the persuasion that recent geo-political tensions are somewhat overblown and that there will be no real escalation in a cross-straight crisis. That would be a conversation that is too long to post here, but I can make a TL;DR – It won’t happen because if you are the president of China, then your job is to make 10 million new jobs every year for the citizens of your country. Starting a war with Taiwan is only doable if you are unable to make new jobs in pace with the growth and retraction of your country’s working-age population.

Presently there are a lot of cryptocurrency development teams that are based in Taiwan. 1inch has a deve team somewhere in Taipei, bybit has an office there, the nft project “FOMO dog” and their dev team and CEO are both based there. I believe IOTA also has quite a few devs spread throughout the island.

With regards to “metaverse” stuff – NVIDIA, AMD, and HTC all have engineering and/or production teams based in Taiwan.

TSMC – this one’s been in the news a lot: I believe they have a long-withstanding contract with bitmain to produce semiconductors that get put in bitcoin mining ASICs. Intel and Samsung could step up to eat their lunch if something happens.

Now if, for any reason, anything were to happen in Taiwan, these would be reasons and projects to be concerned.

EDIT: I don’t want to see any crypto “journalists” citing this thread as a source for fear-mongering headlines.

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16 thoughts on “Some random facts and reasons to be concerned about Taiwan in the next few years and crypto. Not FUD.”

  1. If the same shit happens between China and Taiwan as what’s happened between Russia and Ukraine this space will feel it, no matter what anyone says.

  2. If you have a population that needs jobs, and you don’t have jobs, starting a war gives the jobless something to do, and somewhere to direct their frustration that isn’t at you.

  3. Crypto is global and staking will run on 10 year old machines, 0 concerns about the coming world war. If anything while the world is dismantling itself crypto will back door itself into one of the most useful tools we have (already is for many people)

  4. President of china? Yeah china is an authoritarian dystopia. You are making the mistake of seeing them as “reasonable”.

  5. People used to say the same thing about Russia and Ukraine though and it happened… No one really knows what the CCP really thinks. They took western governments by surprise when they took over HK.

  6. If Taiwan is attacked, it is the powder keg for the next global conflict, and Taiwan as a nation and it’s location have global implications that will make Crypto the least concern for everyone on this planet.

    The handful of projects are irrelevant, it’s a black swan event for every market.

    Luckily this latest ‘crisis’ is manufactured hyperbole.


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