SINGLE FINANCE 20% on usdt-usdc

So I’ve been raking through so many stable coin yeild farms and single finance has been the most promising that I’ve found with a decent plan and team behind it aswell as a great apy. 22 % (for stable coins ) this is a leveraged yeild farm and this os how they provide high apy .

My question is , am I missing something here where this won’t be sustainable? If there some flaw in there plan or process that I am not seeing ? Also with two stable coins the possibility for il ( impermanent loss) should be next to nothing. ( as long as they don’t collapse themselves ) so what would be this ” risk ” associated with something like this ?

I have many other farms on the go this a re short term investments as I know the apy won’t last and impermanent loss is high on them and it requires constant attention so I can exit while still in profit and while this is still profitable for me I want something I can for a lack of a better word ” set and forget” and not worry about loss

I am also open to any other platforms / farms that are stable and would Luke to make a minimum of 10-25% apy but the more the better while still remaining a ” safer” investment

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5 thoughts on “SINGLE FINANCE 20% on usdt-usdc”

  1. For 10% apy, earn program is your best bet.

    I have a little bit of single, it has fallen drastically since I bought it so be careful.

  2. What is the reward of your pool besides tx fees? If the reward is in an inflationary token, that’s the catch.

  3. I want to single finance and I don’t see anything other than Liquidity providing. Can you provide a link to where these staking rewards are?


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