Since the previous poster on etc deleted their post

I’ll give my 3rd post on ETC…

I made a post about etc months ago…

On 5/9/22 the etc:eth ratio was 100 : 1 ….. Etc was $20 : eth was $2000.

On 5/28/22 .. The etc : eth ratio dropped to 80 : 1.

On 6/20/22, my last post on etc… The ratio was 72 : 1… $15.74 : $1134… In that post I predicted the ratio would drop 50 : 1.

Today 7/28/22 the ratio is 49 : 1 ….. Etc is 33.55 : eth $1622.

When I was posting Etc was at a low of $14….. Now over 100% gain in less than one month.

We are still in a bear….. My target for etc… Is sub $20 by the years end….

But there is money to be made with etc… That is not including, if any developers want to make dapps… Etc can do(has the potential to do) everything eth has done.

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10 thoughts on “Since the previous poster on etc deleted their post”

  1. > ETC can do everything eth has done

    So can literally any other smart contract chain. The reason they don’t is ETH’s built up ecosystem. The most used dapps are all on ETH, no other chain is inheriting that.

    ETC also would have the same gas fee problems as ETH if it ever did manage to somehow scale its activity to that level. Except there’s no L2’s or active development to try and combat it because it’s not a used chain.

    I’m not saying that it won’t pump, but pretending it has anything to do with the merit of the chain and not just it’s shared history and name with ETH is silly

  2. Making posts about how you’ve been right all along (regardless if true or not) is only asking for more downvotes. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


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