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Hello all,

I wanted some thoughts on the best way to secure documents or digital texts via a blockchain / decentralization. I want to ensure that a continuous chain of documentation and writing cannot be tampered with or deleted, and that it is easily accessible to others.

What I envision is a sort of special text that can be edited, contributed to, governed, and added to by those with access which extends into the future, like a continuous book of important reference and human insight that extends multiple generations and is immutable and secure and continuous. Is this possible?

Any and all ideas would help. Thank you!

Edit: something like a DAO perhaps?

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4 thoughts on “Securing Data Question”

  1. Storing data on blockchain is extremely inefficient – even though it’s doable for just text.

    One more efficient possibility for documentation; You can take a hash of literally anything you like (text file, whole GIT repository, photo,…) and put it into a transaction as a message.

    If you show someone the file as well as the transactions, you can prove without any doubt that this file existed already when the block was mined.

    If you now add the hash of a certain (recent) block to your document, you can prove it was created AFTER this block was mined.

    Combine both methods and you can prove something was created between two points in time, trustless without the need of a notary.

  2. As others pointed out, it’s not efficient to do this on blockchain. One of the major selling points of blockchain is that it’s an immutable record (so the “edited” part you mention is out of the question). Most NFTs have their source data stored in a centralized location though, which sort of defeats half the purpose. You could store NFT data on the actual chain, but it would be really slow.

    Sounds like you just want version control. Microsoft SharePoint Online does this well.


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