Safe Crypto Defi – No ponzi

Hey r/CryptoCurrency community!
Today is a special day, im sharing my personal way of farming my DeFi as a safe solution for people who have lost some funds in other platforms.
You may ask yourself why? Its my cakeday and im hosting Events for this platform, so this is a great way to hear my opinion about the platform/product. Also i wont mention their native token since you can use most products without 🙂

I will introduce you to the platform of DeHive finance.

DeHive Cluster is a yield-generating DeFi crypto index that unites the best-performing tokens into one basket. Every Cluster is carefully composed by our experts to reflect a particular market segment and bring maximum profit. Users can stake and farm Clusters on the DeHive platform and earn a yield on the assets included in the index token.

As long as you have $100 or even less, you can become a part of the community and benefit from all DeHive features. Get crypto indexes, use an automatic compound interest tool for your assets, and optimize your returns with a limited budget. No need to wait – make your money work now and benefit with DeHive!

DeHive Stables are stable DeFi instruments that help optimize returns, get automatic compound interest on staking stablecoins, and receive predictable passive income even during the market recession. At the moment, we provide users with high-yield stable Cluster pools and Impulses, but more stable tools are coming soon.

DeHive Impulse is an innovative tool that facilitates trading, helps users diversify and accumulate their crypto portfolio. It is based on the principle of automatic compound interest and works by adding the interest on assets to the initial investment, thus enabling interest on interest and boosting profit without any real access to users’ funds.


Im using different products over the last couple of months. From my perspective they created something new, never seen before in crypto. This means the time to code everything we have by now took longer then the average copy/paste DeFi platform we had and isnt available anymore.
Im also impresed by the team because they are based in ukrania and still delievering updates to the platform. Near and Metis are announced aswell to add up the 4 chains the product already has.
Im sure we will have a strong platform getting coded from 0 for our future of DeFi❤️

If you have any questions about the platform or products, feel free to ask them here 😇

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5 thoughts on “Safe Crypto Defi – No ponzi”

  1. How credible is the project? Like who is the team behind this and is the security of the network audited by some credible people?


    What assurance do we have that this not repeat the mistakes of past projects?

  2. I have officially identified this post as a shit post, therefore I will now not feel bad about shit posting in the comments.


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