Russia started bombing all over Ukraine | double digit dips all around crypto

Russia started bombing weak spots all around Ukraine during sunrise. So that means there is a full scale war now in the country. That also means worldwide economic tensions caused by further supply chain shortages, war effort, and overall volatility from the unknown.

A reminder for crypto new comers who are getting absolutely pantsed and turned around right now.

Selling at a loss historically makes no sense. Overtime crypto and the overall stock market and real estate. It all bounces back.

Time in the market over timing it. Instead of thinking you know what’s gonna happen. Just buy some here and there. And in 2025 maybe we we all be better off for it.

All of that being said I’m so sorry if you live in Ukraine I cannot even imagine being a smaller country being brutally attacked by a large and vicious neighbor with no remorse.

Fight if you want, escape if you can. Russia kills civilians and supporters of anything western. Just a week ago the US exposed a list of Ukrainians Russians were to kill and put in camps after an invasion.

Please don’t think it cannot happen. Be safe and be smart. Fight hard the Russians are just people.

Dear Ukrainians!

If you seek asylum – go towards polish border. They have reception points ready at the border where you can find shelter, food, medical and legal aid.
Polish government launched a dedicated site to help you:

Please share this information if you know anyone seeking help right now.


EDIT2: as a proof that you no longer need visa:

• ⁠in Ukrainian • ⁠in English

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29 thoughts on “Russia started bombing all over Ukraine | double digit dips all around crypto”

  1. Honestly, living in a country bordering Ukraine, the price of Bitcoin is the least of my worries.

    Last time the soviets went through my country it didn’t go well for us.

  2. I think crypto is the least of their problems, I really hope the innocents evacuate safely, they must be in shock about their homeland being invaded. I feel sorry for them mustn’t be easy to process at all.

  3. Oil just hit $100/barrel & stock futures are down. This is gonna tank shit.

    Edit: And Asian markets have plunged.

    Fuck Putin.

    Prayers for Ukraine.

  4. Do not go all in right now. I repeat, do not go all in right now.
    Who knows how long this war could last.
    There’s a lot opportunity to buy to come.

  5. I love it how 99,9% of the population in either country doesn’t want war but a few politicians decide that it’s war and that’s that. It’s so fucking dumb, it’s not like putin is going anywhere near the front lines either..

    But what’s a realistic impact of this war though? Russia previously took Georgia and Crimea then things settled down. Don’t you think the same thing will happen here?

  6. Maybe i will buy some of the dip, but its not the right time to think of getting rich. We should pray for Ukrainians that they dont become too much damage and deaths.

    Hopefully the world will recover soon!

  7. I guess it’s time to hit those daily push-ups to get fit just in case I get fucking drafted.

    Can’t believe this is happening rn holy shit

  8. These are dark times, I hope everyone from Ukraine stays safe. I don’t think Putin’s choice is widely supported even in Russia.

  9. > It all bounces back.

    and if it doesn’t.. it won’t matter because it’s the apocalypse anyway. Won’t need any crypto then.

  10. Fuck Putin, my portfolio tanked but it’s nothing compared to what the poor Ukrainian people are going through, civilians always get hit in wars

  11. The world hasn’t been in the brink of world war since 1939 either. China has not played their hand yet either. I wouldn’t look down on anyone who minimally sold some even at a loss if they needed the money. Things like fuel and food are going to go way up. Long term crypto may not only survive but thrive in this atmosphere but for the next few months to year(s) thing may get very rough. The markets are going to tank in the morning and crypto will follow as it always does. If you need to have some money on hand do what you need to do and don’t be shamed into holding

  12. Putin is a balding bitch. I want twitter to do their part and obnoxiously bully the shit out of him. As individuals we may not be able to do much on the battlefield. But on twitter, we can ridicule him to shits.

    We need the stans and twitter warriors now more than ever. Together.

  13. Death to tyrants!

    Anyway, I got limit orders from weeks ago that are finally gonna fill. $33k for BTC and $2200 for ETH. If I leave them be, they’ll fill and the price will continue to drop. If I adjust them, the crypto market will recover and they won’t fill.

  14. We won’t go to war with Russia, nato won’t step foot in ukaraine and Russia won’t step foot in nato territory, it’s really tragic for anyone in Ukrainian but the last thing we want is full scale war


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