REVOKE OPENSEA ACCESS NOW! Opensea is getting DRAINED by a hacker!

This is urgent. Open sea is being hacked RIGHT NOW and peoples accounts are getting drained! Over 300 ETH has been taken already!

The attacker hacker is selling the stolen NFTs to others to pull ETH out – Currently they have over 300 ETH in their wallet! AND GROWING!

Make sure to REVOKE ALL OS APPROVALS ACESS NOW! To keep your funds safe!

REVOKE ACESS ON OPEANSEA RIGHT NOW! Lots of details are still not known!

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29 thoughts on “REVOKE OPENSEA ACCESS NOW! Opensea is getting DRAINED by a hacker!”

  1. I recently lost my seed phrase to my metamask wallet so I moved all my ETH I made from selling NFTs on opensea to my cold wallet. Talk about perfect timing

  2. Are these hackers geniuses or just getting lucky.

    Not saying it’s right, but seems like crypto is making a lot of hacker millionaires

  3. What is actually happening:

    Thread 1:
    Thread 2:

    tl;dr — People were phished. Anyone claiming that Opensea was exploited is spreading misinformation. Anyone claiming they weren’t phished are pretending they aren’t an idiot. Opensea is probably a little incompetent opening up this whole thing with that poorly designed email that the attackers copied.

  4. This shit is just embarrassing for crypto. Mainstream audiences are never getting on board when this kind of bullshit happens regularly, and everything is permanent in crypto.

    Whine and cry all you like about decentralization, normal people don’t care. As long as stories like this are common, normal people aren’t coming.

  5. Lots of people want to use this chance to shit on NFTs but hearing people get robbed always sucks even if I don’t believe in NFTs.

    I hope the effected people can recover

  6. Ok but for real. Wouldn’t this be extremely different than taking coins?

    Wouldn’t it be immediately obvious and apparent that those specific NFTs were the stolen NFTs and therefore easy to trace back to the person who took them??

    Like what’s their exit strategy here??

  7. All 4 of my NFTanks are still there. (Created so my sons favorite of our dogs would love on forever). No one wants that dog even for free. Lol


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