Review your security!

Hey just wanted to remind everyone to review their personal security. With all the hacks going around, it’s easy to lose your Crypto. It seems like most people are either too extreme about their security (not a bad thing but time consuming) or too lax about it. I want to tell everyone ways they can improve their digital security as I found several flaws in mine.

Passwords: simple enough, but always skimped on. Passwords should always be unique and never recycled. They should be ideally written down on paper but this isn’t always feesible so a good password manager is a must.

Don’t trust DMs about “opportunities” that sound too good: from reddit to instagram I always get spam that either attempts to fish for personal data or input my wallet to “mine” they’re all scams 100% don’t waste your time.

Emails: Cycle emails every now and then or at the very least keep emails dedicated to different things. Spam goes to one, banking another, one for social media etc. Always opt out of newsletters and mailing lists unless you really care about it. Do not open any link that is not requested, double check sender emails

Digital footprint: maintain as small of a footprint you can, we are often the weakest link of a security system. Information displayed outwards can be used against you. If you have a pet on Facebook or instagram and a hacker is trying to reset your password one possible security question might be a pet name. At the end of the day hackers don’t get the whole piece at once, they gather puzzle pieces until they have just enough information to hack you. This is one rule I can do better on.

At the end of the day security systems are getting a lot better, exchanges are starting to guarantee funds and are putting a lot of secondary systems into place such as anti phishing codes, authentication, and withdrawal timers. Yet the user still remains the most vulnerable and easily spoofed aspect of a system. It’s an ongoing battle but take some time every month to review you accounts. This will save some headache and hedge against the worse.

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5 thoughts on “Review your security!”

  1. Long complex passwords which are never re used

    2FA ( not via SMS )

    Never click shit or accept shit you don’t understand or not expecting.

    Do these 3 things and you’re going to be perfectly fine. If you can’t get the basics right, you’re fucked.

  2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use multiple exchanges or accounts with different passwords if you don’t want to leave the exchanges. Have a crypto only dedicated device if possible. And if you truly want to not get rekt. Put it in a hard wallet.


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