Rendering with crypto?

I’m a digital artist and I recently wanted to move into 3d art, meaning I’d have to run 3d engines like unreal engine or touch designer etc, but these are all very graphic intensive software and my intel HD graphics for sure can’t handle this. Do you have any knowledge if there are any crypto projects where we can use these softwares with the combined GPU power for a fees?
I don’t have much knowledge of 3d world and what the process of making 3d art is as I knew I don’t have graphic resources for it, but I recently heard about a few rendering projects and wanted to ask if they can be used for this? Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Rendering with crypto?”

  1. You should take a look at Render network, it basically is a decentrallized GPU render service and is scalable, you just need to buy the token and use it for your project!

  2. Golem. (GLM). No idea how it works from your side, i set it up on my side to rent out my PC cpu for rendering projects but there didn’t seem to be many people needing the resources. I think i kept getting underbid so nobody used my cpu and I didn’t earn any coin.

  3. In my understanding, an Intel integrated GPU doesn’t prevent you from rendering 3d at all, it simply takes less time to render the better your GPU is. It will likely cost you more in the long run to pay for rendering services with crypto fees


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