Reminder to everybody here, Nobody really knows what’s coming or when it will happen. DYOR and know that everything is a risk.

On may 10th I posted a poll about what the sub thought Luna would do after its first day of losing its peg, the majority of respondents believed it would repeg or at least maintain its current price at the time of around $0.85, 26% thought it would have a massive sell off and ultimate collapse.

26% percent guessed correctly on what would happen, so when you’re reading post on here remember that at best 25% percent of advice given out is correct, but probably less than that.


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Going on the Daily only shows how much bad advise is given, example shown below.


Still hoping to collect on those 50 moons.

examples of other comments in the May 11th daily

* just put half of my portfolio on LUNA @ $0.90
* LUNA is so cheap at $1. Like yeah UST depegging is a problem but there are other usecases for LUNA besides just UST.
* Money to be made here lads, Luna bounces from 4 to 6 in the space of 5 mins. Just don’t linger too long lol
* So everyone is fearfull and says Luna is dead. Time to get GREEDY BABY
* r/cc has the memory if a gold fish and the gambling habits of a 75 year old chain smoking slots grandma. Ust will repeg and everyone will act like this didn’t happen. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, i just know how this game is played.
* People tink luna will go to zero,there is a shitload of bots buying it. It will not go to zero

I could paste more but you get the idea, the point is be careful following anybody’s advice on this sub.

Only invest what you are willing to lose

don’t FOMO

understand we haven’t reached the bottom yet

^(yes I know I am contradicting my self)


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7 thoughts on “Reminder to everybody here, Nobody really knows what’s coming or when it will happen. DYOR and know that everything is a risk.”

  1. Ill take one for the team and sell off my entire portfolio so Crypto can go in a parabolic Bull run

  2. When are people going to admit that DYOR is not realistic. Whales do their own research and also got cleaned out. People did their own research on LUNA and got cleaned out. Unless you have insider information, then all you have access to is myriad opinions on the web and whatever information a particular development team releases. At the end of the day it is all speculation and no amount of research is definitive on any coin – especially since they are ALL at the mercy of the larger market.

  3. I know in 10 years the market cap of crypto will be larger than it is now unless total economic collapse happens or widespread draconian laws are passed on a global scale.

  4. The problem with yelling at people here to do your own research is that the VAST majority of people here don’t know how or where to even do effective research on this. Not to mention this was an unprecedented event that a lot of people smarter than us didn’t think would happen (although some certainly called it).

    In the end, just know all of crypto is very risky. I think the best advice is don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

    And of course dyor 😜


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