Remember the guy who was a dogecoin millionaire, dont be this guy.

Remember the guy who was a dogecoin millionaire?

The guy got everything that he owns, even borrowed money from this parents (cleaning lady/truck driver) and put $250k in dogecoin at 0.05cents. Basically, everything that you have ever read in this subreddit of what not to do, he did it. Then, he got the luck of a lifetime and was up $3.5M. The guy wanted more and fame.

The stupid Hodl hodl hodl. Hodl sometimes is stupid. When life changing money shows up, take it.

Now Doge is approaching 0.10 . The guy is only $250k up, down from $3.25M. $250k is not life changing if you live in California, like he did.

If you ever feel down, watch when Doge is at 0.05 and think about this guy, it will ease your pain.

…. he also has 1 billion Floki Inu just to
make things worst.

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31 thoughts on “Remember the guy who was a dogecoin millionaire, dont be this guy.”

  1. Its got a lot worse for him, there are videos on youtube about him, basically he tried to do it again with other coins, he bought 10k worth of 1 coin that crashed and is now less than $100, he put something like 90k in floki and thats down a ton too, hes been in 3-4 rug pulls. Even the DOGE dev tweeted him saying something like “you really cant stay away from shit coins can you” the youtube video pulled up a clip of the guy saying hes actually down from his crypto investments now. What a 110% plonker.

  2. Surely he has a Reddit account? Let’s get him in here for an AMA

    Edit: u/iUsedToCallDogeDodge how about it?? We would love to hear from you!!

  3. Still, here in Argentina 250k means something like 45 YEARS OF WORK with a “decent” salary without spending a single cent…

  4. Not only that but during the SNL skit he went live with Andrei Jihk. Everyone including Andrei was telling him to sell but he thought it was going to go higher. He could’ve sold the top then bought the dip. Oh well, fuck em

  5. At least he’s not 25k in the hole like me with bitcoin. I should’ve bought fucking Doge myself.

    That guy is doing way better then 80% of the “traders” in the /r/CC daily so I would not laugh and ridicule 🙂

  6. There was a video on here about him that somebody made a couple weeks ago. It compiled a lot of his youtube videos into a short video showing the highs and lows along with promoting several shit coins that list 99% of their value within a couple weeks.

  7. Bro if I had a 3.5million boost you better believe I’m taking 1million out and letting the rest ride. Pay off my debts, go on a vacation, Fuck around in the stock market, and still have some left over not including the 2.5 still in the wallet

  8. Missed out on life changing money. Dude was literally surrounded by 3 of the biggest finance youtubers that begged him to pullout, but dude said “diamond hands lolz.” I don’t feel sorry for him, but this is a lesson for anyone that finds themselves with life changing money almost overnight.

  9. I was getting into crypto at the about the same time as him.

    Dying for him to just buy some BTC. Take some $$ off the table!

    Reduce the risk on your investment!

    The issue was he became the “Doge Father” and couldn’t back down due to the expectation. imo

    Don’t let expectations of other cloud your judgement. Do what’s best for you and your future.

    Best of luck all.

  10. A wise woman taught me to figure out my exit strategy before I execute my enter strategy. I think this advice also applies to financial markets 😆

  11. Everyones a genius and would have cashed out at the height of the market when judging other peoples investments. For most of last year he was right in his investment and he may end up being right again if doge sees nee all time highs. Basically for you to be right doge must never hit a new all time high. I cant tell you how much this sub has been wrong about predicting doge prices. This whole sub for years would make fun of people who thought doge had the potential to hit 1 cent. Now the same sub celebrates and feels correct that doge crashed to 12 cents. Its a strange thing .

  12. So you’re saying this person had 3.5 million and they didn’t sell? Lol. I only don’t sell since I am well into the minus. 😀

  13. I’d be surprised if he really didn’t sell some and is currently pretending like he’s still hodling to keep up the gimmick

  14. I did something similar with a certain metaverse coin.
    Put roughly 12 grand in at one point that was worth 100k now in total it’s worth about 12 again but half of my tokens are locked up in staking pools so I I can’t even get my money back if I wanted too. Maybe next time I will take some profits


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