Remember all you need is 0.28 BTC

If you have 0.28 bitcoin then let me be the first to congratulate you. Why? Simple. Because no more than one percent of the world population can ever own more BTC than you. This is really something if you believe that BTC will reach great heights.

There are people saying BTC will eventually hit 1 million. I am not saying it will or it will not, that is another post for itself. All I know is it will go up. That 0.28 stash of yours will increase its own value data by day (in the grand scheme of things). I do not have that much BTC yet but I plan to join the 0.28 BTC group eventually.

Imagine years down the line all millionaires would want to own a BTC and there are not enough to pass around. Your 0.28 BTC value will skyrocket when it happens. So keep staking and lend out your BTC too to let your BTC make more BTC for you.

That will be all folks.

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26 thoughts on “Remember all you need is 0.28 BTC”

  1. I still look back over old transactions to see I once had O.5 BTC.

    Obviously the price was much lower back then but damn if I had forgotten about it, just for a few years….

  2. The way I see it crypto may or may not ever add up to much for me .
    That said I’ll leave my seed phrase and password info stashed so my kids can have access to it .
    My kids are 32 and 33 so lots of time to see if any of this works out .

  3. Actually I’m getting 0.239. Let’s see if you agree with my reasoning. You get this from dividing the BTC supply of 18,925,000 by the number of humans, approximately 7,900,000,000 and get 0.00239. Multiply by 100 and get 0.239. That means that if one in every hundred people held 0.239 BTC, that would be the entire BTC supply. Equivalently, no more than 1% of the population can hold more than 0.239 BTC.


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