Reddit’s CryptoCurrency coin MOON is worth over 5x more than the Russian Ruble

With everything going on I saw a more lighthearted post about Roblox tokens being worth more than the Ruble and figured it’d be interesting to see if the reddit Moons were worth more. Was actually kind of shocked it was worth around 5.8x more than a Ruble.

There’s probably easier ways to get money in Russia but with Moons being tied to karma and posts, it could also encourage more shit posts and spam in the sub.

I’d also be interested in hearing some other random out-there currencies worth more than the Ruble

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[Source for the Ruble to USD price ](

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37 thoughts on “Reddit’s CryptoCurrency coin MOON is worth over 5x more than the Russian Ruble”

  1. OP back of the envelope calculation, just the circulating amount, not the total ruble, is about 65 trillion at, .01, the circulating total alone is .65 trillion or 650 billion.

  2. Now let’s see how moons do over the next half decade. Then it will be a metric worth noting.

    Very bullish on Moons….but I don’t like how the system is in beta with a disclaimer for reset…. what happens to on chain Moons? I’m skeptical to accumulate too much worried they will void the contract…

    I will take some time to review the moon contract soon I guess lol


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