Realistic expectations 2-5 years. New cycles and lower returns.

Even though a certain number of Redditors in this sub don’t know it. This is one of the best moments to jump into crypto (I’m not saying THE BEST, we don’t know if the bottom has been reached or not).

Significant gains can be made if we take advantage of the “bloody streets” of theses days. Greed will make many wait until BTC goes down to 10K and so forth and they could be right in doing so or miss the train.

I’ve been checking and just wanted to get a feel of the vibe of some vets in the current situation.

I’m still 17X from achieving my GOAL in crypto.(I’m not taking about being rich or having millions, just to make a difference in the way I live my life).
45% BTC/ETH , 55% ALTS that I considered Worthy (ADA, MATIC, DOT, CRO, ROSE) at least to my understanding.

How realistic is for you to reach the 17X?

P.S: I’m not desperate because I’m many X’s above my initial investment.

P.S 2: As comments are being written, I would like to point out that my view will remain the same, but it’s enriching to check vibes and then review them in retrospective. (Like the usual post of “that’s what this sub used to say in 2010 “and link of the post , BTC is dead etc).

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13 thoughts on “Realistic expectations 2-5 years. New cycles and lower returns.”

  1. “When you hodl and believe, the question won’t be” when lambo. ” it’ll be. ” which lambo “”

    -Adolf Gandhi

  2. As long as our gains are measured by the same system we aim to free ourselves of, we are early. I’m hoping to be financially independent with crypto and in my ideal world, it means holding until my land, bills, food can all be paid for with my holdings directly. Im from the US, maybe that’s 5 years away but I’m not counting on it.

    I’ve been cautiously supplementing my bags the last 4 months and have caught some knives but also the current low. I do hedge my bets between btc, centralized, and decentralized alts though because I don’t think banks and government will fail to grab their slice of the pie.

  3. It’s gonna be hard to go 17x on large cap projects. I went 11x on CEX shitter and 1000x on a DEFI shitter with zero effort and a shitload of lluck. It’s possible but you really need to be picking winners from the shitcoin pile… which is gambling in most cases.

    I’ve gone 5-8x on coins I thoroughly DD’d too though. So… pick a strategy, pick your coins and place your bets

  4. Impossible question but I like to dream.

    The entire market goes 10x from here by 2030.

    That’s about as far as I can reach.

  5. I’m thinking more like 5-10 years. My avg on ETH and BTC is pretty low, lower than what they are now. I rode a lot of alts all the way up and all the way back down again, we’ll see how long it takes for them to get back there. IF they get back there.

    This is just a long-winded way of saying I have zero clue.

  6. 17x is a massive massive goal/expectation..

    If you can simply beat inflation and/or the stock market, you’re winning.

  7. Bought a fair amount at Btc $18k and wish I bought much more. Still believe the chances of going lower are high so I’m holding my fomo at bay ready for some deep red days. Please loss god

  8. 17x is massive and almost impossible if you don’t sell high and buy back low again once or twice, so it might take years. You obviously won’t x17 with btc and ETH, or even MATIC. I really like rose and I can see it go to 0.8 one day, or more. But otherwise as I said you’ll have to be patient and time the market right.


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