R.I.P Harmony Blockchain – Why it is fundamentally important to have balanced critical opinions in a sub.

So, the Harmony Blockchain has revealed its cards.

Inflating a coin for the next 3 years with no stable coin pegging. This will absolutely KILL off old, current & future investors in ONE (excuse the pun) awful proposal.

It is Fundamental to the core health of any project, that a qualitative level of scrutiny be put on a coin. That is, to fairly discuss the pros and cons. But the Harmony reddit sub has acted like a complete cult (have i spelt that correctly without an ‘n’ ?)

Cults are characterised by having this brainwashed, thousand-yard-stare brainwashed: ‘one of us, one of us’. Almost in a Neanderthal state. They become part of a collective, and a possessive ‘me against the world’ attitude develops. The many brainwashed ‘Harmonauts’ in the r/harmony_one sub have violently thumbed down anyone who attempted to question or challenge, or scrutinize the Harmony ONE project. Banned readers and those who analzyed its tokenomics.

That’s why this concept of ‘Harmonauts’ has been so dangerous. Once one becomes part of a cult, one cannot look past it. One cannot see its severe issues and flaws. And the more involved and invested (financially) one becomes, the more in-denial and violently protective one is – wrecklessly defending the Harmony One project like a dying beast, or a sinking ship. So brainwashed this sub has been that the thought of this project going under would never be accepted in one’s mind, right?

And one will stubbornly never listen to any voice of reason.. All one can do is continue pumping money and chanting: ‘one of us, one of us’.

Harmony – the great ‘ETH Killer’ – REALLY?

Harmony – Changing the world – REALLY?

Harmony – Empowering VeganAfrica to a better Future. I mean, REALLY?

Coinbase Listing? I mean.. REALLY?

A project with tech so bad, it cannot even solve its RPC call problems for over 18 months? And Harmony ONE coin holders were thinking Enterprises will touch this with a barge pole?

Well now, i hope all ‘Harmonauts’ have woken up. I hope you now see this project for what it is. And after the dust of this decayed project has settled, when rinse and repeat Harmony TWO comes along..let’s hope you’re all a bit wiser.


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    Subtle DOT shill. In all seriousness though, this sub has been horribly wrong about a lot of top100 coins, and anything that starts to really trend I think should be taken with a grain of salt

  2. I love these threads. Somehow they only appear AFTER the case is closed. Nobody was saying this before shit went down. Now you are all megaminds who can predict the future? Lol.

  3. Harmony is an easy example right now, but let’s not act like any other sub on Reddit is better. Every sub is an echo chamber, that’s just how Reddit is.

    There is no actual discussion anywhere on this site, it’s downvoted right to the bottom.

  4. I was never sold on ONE. I think people definitely undervalue longevity coins. Coins that have stuck around for 8 9 10 years definitely show some value in my opinion

  5. The Harmony sub was never very compelling because all I could ever find was “we’re such a great community, I love you guys! 🚀🚀❤️❤️❤️✌️”

    I also recall one very stupid article gaining lots of traction telling people to invest in ONE because each ONE is so much more affordable (22¢) than each individual ETH. And it was lauded as a great article, need to share this with everybody.

    No, I didn’t *know for sure* it would fail, but that stuff sets off all kinds of skepticism alarms for me.

  6. Seems they have done a U-turn. Stephen Tse:

    “Hello, everyone. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I have read all of your messages, top to bottom, and met with the team to discuss. Your concerns are understood and we are returning to the drawing board. From your suggestions and feedback above, we will create additional proposals and opportunities for everyone to engage in the process.

    I’d ask you to stand by as I work with the team over the coming days. We will return with new information for everyone here to review. Thank you once more. I sincerely feel your frustration over the current proposal. Our next steps will hopefully bring more options and clarity for the community to discuss.”

  7. I obviously had no proof of this since it is just my opinion based off of what I saw, but it felt like Harmony one was astroturfed hard in here. For that reason, I didn’t invest in it until I did my own research but I never cared enough to get to that stage.

    I honestly didn’t expect it to collapse this hard tho

  8. Nobody is going to be right 100% of the time. Remember that in the markets anything can happen and you should invest accordingly.

  9. haha you should check out Crypto Dot Com sub as well. At least with Harmony_one, lots of concerns are actually raised there

  10. I think You are painting a picture that doesn’t really reflect reality.

    Of course most were bullish maxis. But several in the harmony sub have been vocal about the RPC issues and the shitty explorer for quite a long time.

  11. Harmony is just like 99% of other coins out there. Centralized.

    It’s sad how many people get suckered into these bullshit “projects” that have been doomed since inception.

    Harmony isn’t the only one so far to go down this path, and there will be many others that do so in the future.

    The silver lining here is that these shitcoins are getting destroyed and that is good for the cryptocurrency space.

  12. Absolutely love the barge pole reference. For others, a barge pole is usually a 10ft pole and most people say “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10ft pole!” That is where the origins of the 10ft pole stem from. Well done OP!

  13. I mean, I have a small bag of DOT and love the project, but damn ain’t nobody credible calling it blue chip lol

  14. I just had a look at the sub and it seems there are actually a lot of threads and comments speaking out against the Harmony team and what they are doing. There’s even one from one of the mods who has announced they are stepping down with immediate effect because they can’t support Harmony anymore (with all the comments supporting them and agreeing). It doesn’t look like a brainwashed sub to me, it looks like most of it is actualy united against Harmony at the moment.

  15. Dunno, as someone who has used it, the tech does appear to have good fundamentals. What we are seeing is **bad management**. People have a megaphone at their mouths right now and are spitting unnecessary shit about an otherwise awesome chain. Hacks (if it was a hack) do occur in the crypto industry, but do not necessarily kill the project. Bad management on the other hand can be resolved, especially seeing how loud the community is about this.

    This said, I do find the proposal ridiculous, as the rest of the community. But your ‘wake up I told you fake project bla bla’ has no base at all.

  16. on top of that its extremely centralized, with one guy ultimately making all the decisions. buy hey, blue apes and singing hurrdurr VeganDAO derp

    CKB will succeed where harmony fails miserably



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