Questions for filling out OGE 450 report


I have to fill out a financial disclosure for USA federal govt but the OGE 450 report doesn’t specify crypto (there is an assest section though) so do I have to report any of it? I am fully compliant on taxes w crypto so I figure they can see it. My questions are generally based around their $1000 threshold for reportable things. They seem to only care about individual stock holdings over $1k for example.

1) I had over $1k realized gains but do I only report coins I gained over $1k from? I’m uncertain if I got $1k from any particular coin. Can easily figure out, just wanna confirm.

2) Do I have to report unrealized gain? I am mainly a hodlr. So do I have to report every bag over $1k even if I haven’t yet sold?

Thanks so much!

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