Question about CoinTracker — how do I add transactions from apps like Trust Wallet?

I decided to try CoinTracker for my taxes this year, and so far everything looks great for the major exchanges/apps. I was able to easily import API data, and although I plan to go through everything with a fine tooth comb before filing my taxes, at first glance the transactions look a lot more reliable than what I saw with Koinly. (For example, ETH–>ETH2 was flagged as a sale and purchase on Koinly, but CoinTracker seems to have automatically flagged it as a conversion and kept the same cost basis which seems to make more sense to me, since it’s not really a sale of one coin for another.)

However, one thing I’m totally confused over is how to import transactions from DeFi apps such as Trust Wallet. I only had a few transactions last year on Trust Wallet via PancakeSwap (all of which ended up being losses, with a combined value of less than $150, so nothing crazy to report), however I am totally confused how I go about importing them. Would anyone be willing to go through the steps and guide me through it? I don’t see any option to export transaction history within Trust Wallet.

Also, what’s the consensus on reporting Reddit moon distributions? If they’re under a certain amount do they need to be reported, or similar to bank account interest, if it’s under $10 total does it not need to be reported? I received a small number of moons last year, and I’d rather be on the safe side and report them, but have absolutely no clue how to import the data into CoinTracker. And I honestly don’t know if they need or should be reported since the value is so low and it’s not really something I consider a payment, but since they do technically hold value as of now, I’m thinking it probably makes sense to err on the side of caution with all this.


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