PSA: Uphold is not sending people their 1099 tax forms

Just want to spread the word. Uphold has changed the FAQ on their website multiple times changing the date for 1099 forms. It’s gone from Jan 21st to Jan 31st to February 15th and as of February 17th nobody has received a 1099 form from what I’ve been able to gather. I’ve been talking with Uphold support for over 2 weeks trying to get my tax forms and have only been told sorry for the inconvenience. 2020 was no problem it was sent around Jan 22nd but this year they can’t seem to get them out. I’m not sure what’s going on with their accounting but something seems off here. Especially since the big crash in May when they stopped people from being able to withdraw or trade.

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4 thoughts on “PSA: Uphold is not sending people their 1099 tax forms”

  1. Already filed mine. If a specific entity doesn’t have their forms to me by the required date, it will go on an amended return if needed.


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