Prices will rise over the coming days based on temperature data

I couldn’t help but notice that the temperature chart of today’s temperature in Belgium looks eerily correlated with the Bitcoin price.

Both have an initial drop, and then they both consolidate for a while. After that, there is a sudden drop, whereafter they rise again. That’s the point where we are now.

[ Temperature chart for June 19th \(UTC+2\), the red line is temperature \(ignore green line\) ](

[ Bitcoin price chart for the past 7 days ](

The timeframes aren’t identical, every day for BTC corresponds with about 1h45 on the temperature chart. The scales aren’t the same either, let’s do a quick calculation:

* Maximum temperature: 23°C | Maximum BTC price: $28000
* Minimum temperature: 12°C | Minimum BTC price: $18000

**1°C = $909**

Since the temperature graph doesn’t stop at 12h30, we can make a prediction using the temperatures measured after midday.

[ Temperature graph, the black line is where BTC is at the moment ](

That looks bullish!

Using this completely scientifically proven technique, we can predict that BTC will be $5500 higher than it is now in about two days.

[ Using temperature data to predict BTC price ](

**BTC will be about 25K in two days!**

Little side note: temperatures will drop to 13°C in Belgium this night, which would put us back at $19K next week.

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18 thoughts on “Prices will rise over the coming days based on temperature data”

  1. Most reliable TA I’ve seen in a long time 😬
    And also makes total sense mean how should there be a crypto winter in the middle of summer 🤷‍♂️

  2. Honestly it’s about as accurate as anything I’ve seen.

    So basically, buy today, sell for 25k next weekend. Great.

  3. Don’t know about y’all but where I’m from the accuracy of Weather forecasts is about 50%.. and that’s if they are good..

  4. I’ve estimated the number of cows and their average fart rate to predict the temperature and happily I arrived at the same forecast as you

  5. I also wondered if anyone had taken a look at the BTC/BLGM pairing. Glad you have a keen eye, how long have you been a quant?


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