Poor college student.

Pretty new to this and only able to put in about $150-$250/month while still in school. Thinking about how to make safe investments and also diversify a little bit too. Is trying to diversify even worth it with a small amount of money?

I definitely believe in some technology and try to research here and there but am just hit with so many options. BTC and ETH are obviously more safe investments and I want that to make up most of my portfolio.

What else would you guys put your money into with that budget?

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20 thoughts on “Poor college student.”

  1. If you open up a vault on here I will give you my 296 moons. I am closing my reddit account and figured somebody else could use them before I go. If and when you do, get back to me. Don’t forget to store your seed phrase securely somewhere. I have no clue how your government handles moon giveaways, so be wary of that for the future.

  2. I would save up an emergency fund first so you’re not selling your crypto at inopportune times to make ends meet. Then I’d start accumulating HBAR. BTC is likely your safest/ most conservative option (aside from staking stable coins) but HBAR is a sleeping monster that I cannot see failing.

    That’s what I would do with $200 a month anyway. Accumulate as much HBAR as possible.

  3. My low price moonshots right now are CKB and ANKR if you wanna designate small amounts into them. Still plenty of time to build up before they (potentially) take off

  4. I put in about the same amount a month, and it’s literally just ETH, BTC, then either ATOM or BAN.

    Diversifying your portfolio is cool and all, but sticking to your guns also works. All projects have their worth at the end of the day.

    Well besides the scammy ones.

  5. Just invest into BTC and eth every time and don’t even come back to this sub asking for advice you’ve started the right path just keep doing it properly and consistently without looking into prices or crypto influencers

  6. With that amount you’d be stretching yourself too thin if you start including more.

    ETH 60% BTC 40%

    This is what I’d personally do

  7. Cro, matic, one, algo, link. But tbh I would stick with btc and Eth, you will still have your money in a few years plus a boatload more

  8. I saw SOL had a nice dip, Id recommend investing a bit onto it, but take my advice with a grain of salt as i don’t know anything about crypto

  9. Dude $150-$250/mo is NOT a small amount! Do what you can around $200 for now and just increase it whenever you can when you have extra money; bdays, holidays, etc. Personally I’d stay with with Eth or Bitcoin since it’s more likely they’ll remain the top 2, at least for the next few years (while you’re in school).

    If your really looking for diversification though then DOT, Algo, CRO, One, etc. (all the cc favs) are decent bets.

    (and I agree with comments about trying to earn moons too)


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