Polygon surpassed 19,000 dApps built on their network. Six times growth in less than 6 months

As of April 26, 2022 Polygon hit 19,000 dApps built on their network. Back in November that number was only 3,000 and slowly started building up. What a freaking milestone this is and it doesn’t just stop there.

There are now officially more than 8,000 monthly active teams building on the Polygon PoS, which is big jump from just 6,000 back in January and just a couple thousand in the month of October.

These numbers are huge and are starting to show the real power and potential of Polygon. Cause although Polygon was usually strictly related and to some extent dependent on Ethereum back in the day, this isn’t the case now cause it’s looking like Polygon is become more and more independent by the day.

Alchemy extracted data which shows that 65% of the teams are working exclusively on Polygon, compared to 35% deployed on Ethereum. These numbers include dApps running on both the testnet and the mainnet.

This alone shows how easy it is to operate and build on Polygon. Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t and so far its looking like builders are leaning more towards Polygon.

Developers spend endless hours working backend infrastructure instead of focusing all these hours on being innovative and building new and unique dApps so I’m glad to see chains like Polygon solve this problem.

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39 thoughts on “Polygon surpassed 19,000 dApps built on their network. Six times growth in less than 6 months”

  1. That sounds like a fantastic growth, wondering why the price of MATIC continues to trade sideways. All those extra 13,000 dApps should have put some pressure on the price

  2. Crypto.com gives you 10% as long as you have 250+ MATIC I believe. I never see it talked about on here but it rules! Or maybe I’m dumb and you guys are staking way higher elsewhere. Either way…. BULLISH!

  3. I do not know Matic in detail but what about the centralisation issue that 75% are held by an absolute minority? Are there any plans to address it?

  4. Polygon is not currently a *real* layer 2, the apps are mostly running on their sidechain, which is not secured by Ethereum security

    The whole idea of Polygon will make less sense once ZKEVM is developed and released.

  5. Why does it keep dipping tho…

    I had a bag of Matic and such high hopes but I ended up selling out of disappointment

  6. Lower fees and fast payment helps. Not to mention how easy everything is with polygon. Its only natural to build Dapp there.


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