Point of Sale system — fast transaction confirmations

I’m designing a Point of Sale system that will, initially, only support crypto currencies that can confirm in less than about 15 seconds. What are my options?

Currently, I have support for: EOS, XRP, ADA, XLM, ALGO, NANO, ATOM, AVAX, and NEO

What other crypto varieties should I be including in this initial phase?

I’m told Waves and TRX also offer fast transaction confirmations, but I don’t know anything about them. Are these worth looking into? Never heard of them until yesterday.

Yes, of course BTC and ETH will eventually be included, but not in the fast tier service that I am currently working on.

No, I will not be incorporating any dog or elon coin. My loss…I guess.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions! much appreicated

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17 thoughts on “Point of Sale system — fast transaction confirmations”

  1. Hedera Hashgraph $HBAR has aBFT (gold standard in security and consensus) finality under 3 seconds. Not only do you get the confirmation, you get consensus on the total ordering of that transaction along with all the others. This is the ultimate in ledger tech. Super cheap. Lowest energy usage of any ledger.

  2. Tezos, 30 second blocks and huge growth in the last year, including a large sponsorship deal with Manchester United just last week.

    I should add that while it’s longer then 15 secs it’s actually the fastest decentralised blockchain out there. Any that are faster are decentralised to some degree or not layer 1.
    And it will probably get faster o er time due to how quickly it upgrades itself.


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