Pity: clever scam or certified stupidity?

After lurking around this forum for awhile now, it seems like every few days I’ll see a post about “getting scammed” after some sad kid linked their account to a shady site or gave away their seed phrase.

Giving out your seed phrase is tantamount to dying because you decided to stop breathing. It’s beyond idiotic. I find it hard to believe that someone who has the know how to maintain their own coin and uses dapps could be fooled into doing this. On top of this, the sad scammee NEVER goes in depth on how they were scammed. Just short sentences on how they are dumb.

This leads me to believe that maybe they were never scammed. It’s just a ploy to get pity coin via private messages. I’ve looked at scammer addresses and they are filled with requests for “please give me some”. It’s not a bad racket. Kind of clever.

Maybe I’m wrong, but still, I’ll never send free coin to anyone claiming they were scammed. Thanks for reading my tedtalk.

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11 thoughts on “Pity: clever scam or certified stupidity?”

  1. There are definitely tons of scammers. What’s less likely are people getting “hacked”, as it’s mostly just getting phished

  2. Does anyone ever really give out their seed phrase. It’s like an urban legend. If your advanced enough to get a wallet vs exchange, I just don’t see someone that dumb to do it. With one stipulation. You get that email from some African prince and you dive at that opportunity.

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  4. its usually not a scam, maybe starts as a scam, then they give up their seed. it is mo betta to say i was scammed rather than i was a dummy and gave away the keys to the kingdom to someone….human nature to lessen the impact of one’s own stupidity, i was scammed!

  5. Over 5 million members. I’m sure a few hundred thousand with custody of their crypto. I’m sure a few thousand dumb or drunk enough (or both) to fall for a phishing scam or a slight misspelling of a URL or just being lazy and google searching for a wallet


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