Pitch me your favorite coin that’s been absolutely plastered this past week and help save my portfolio

I’ve fucked up lads. Convinced that we were in a recovery, I put a large position in a metaverse microcap that I am convinced will not survive a bear market.

Since buying it 4 days ago, I’m down 33%. That will probably turn into a near 100% loss if this market doesn’t turn around. But I have an idea.

If I can find a good, respectable project that has also suffered similar losses, I can roll my position over into that and technically not be selling at a loss. Then I’m holding onto something that at least has a shot of surviving a bear cycle.

So have at it. Shill me your favorite project that’s been unfairly dumped on recently, something you’d be proud taking home to mom and dad, something with a good team and use case that should still be around come August or whenever this market goes bull again. I’ll do some research and move my position over if it looks good. I need something with a better use case than mine: a cloned JRPG with a sub $8 million market cap…

This is my final saving grace. Let’s patch up this sinking ship.

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41 thoughts on “Pitch me your favorite coin that’s been absolutely plastered this past week and help save my portfolio”

  1. I’m all about Ergo (ERG) which has been doing pretty badly price-wise. It’s a very promising project though, if you’re not in a rush

  2. I would recommend to stake Cosmos ecosystem coins like ATOM, OSMO or JUNO. They have high APR, chances of good airdrops and they’ll be relatively stable.

  3. Sol has the potential to climb to 200$ this year, especially since they’ve launched another token PRIME which is their native launchpad token to SolanaPrime, they’re generally doing a lot on DeFi and I see them gaining more value because of it.

  4. Harmony One keeps building new projects and the ecosystem is straightforward to use. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to try things. Avg transaction is between 0.01 and 0.05 ONE.

    If you wanna get started in DeFi for the first time, you can get in on the Jewel/One pool on DeFi Kingdoms. Wanna get paid to lend your crypto and be able to borrow against it? Try out Tranquil finance (though it might be called Defira soon as they’re building a Civ type game on top of their protocol).

    Don’t wanna do any of that? Buy some ONE and stake it for 8-9% automatically.

    Current con: the main RPC is often overloaded with use, so find out how to add a different one to your metamask. There’s POKT and Fuzz FInance RPC that’s much more likely to work when traffic is high.

  5. A safe-ish bet would be CRO. It’s not going to make parabolic gains but it’s going to make some long strides once things settle down in the world.

  6. The more important question is what is your project that has been plastered? Everything else has been plastered aswell.

    As always, the best thing if you want out of a specific alt is putting it into BTC or ETH instead. Not another alt that could suffer the same fate.

  7. I wouldn’t call it dumped on, but you asked for my favorite so here it is..


    I’m by no means an expert on it, but these are some of the main points..


    Smart contract audited twice (can find and read audit reports on the site), game theory also audited.

    100% uptime for over two years since launch, soon to fork Ethereum blockchain to get away from insane gas prices and slowness among other reasons.

    Has essentially no correlation to BTC price and what ever it’s doing or not doing.

    What I like about it, set your stakes up and forget about it. Just reading about the amount of time, effort, and stress some people put in chasing all these different tokens around melts my brain, but if its what you’re into then all good by me 🙂 I have other hobbies.

    Not financial advice, take the time to DYOR, make your own mind up. That’s all I got.

  8. I would try to buy axs token and stake it. On Binance you can stake up to 380 axs for 75% yearly return. Well, if it doesn’t drop any further.. it really depends on bitcoin. They have some land sale planned in their roadmap as well as a new version of the game called origin.


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