People always talk about the greed of FOMOing in at ATHs but rarely talk about the greed of not FOMOing in at ATLs

Title says it all, this sub’s catch phrase of buy high sell low or buy high sell never highlights the issue of FOMOing in at the ATH prices that a lot of early investors get swept up in. The idea that the chart will always be going up so why not be greedy and invest now only to see the crash that follows and the inevitable paperhand out of the market.

And yet this FOMO only counts for half of the gradual increase of the average buy in price. The other half is people refusing to buy in even when the market is ridiculously low.

Just today I’ve seen people that are waiting for ‘the real dip’ before they buy in more. BTC is down almost half it’s ATH and neither further threats of inflation or invasions have significantly broke it lower. BTC and ETH are looking at semi safe x2 within a few years maximum, the best investment on the market while there are many high position alts that, while riskier, could easily go x3-x4 if not moon exponentially. To turn down these returns for some hypothetical higher return is just pure greed.

Obviously the market can always go down further but the greed that people refuse to buy in at present prices because they think they can get more if they HOLD their fiat is ridiculous and you know these are the same people that will FOMO in once BTC has already mostly recovered, realising that they were waiting for a price point that never arrived.


Edit: To Mr Pedantic Redditor, yes the ATL would be 0, well done, you’re so smart and helpful but to be ridiculously clear I ***obviously*** meant recent ATLs.

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25 thoughts on “People always talk about the greed of FOMOing in at ATHs but rarely talk about the greed of not FOMOing in at ATLs”

  1. I feel like I see the “greed of not FOMOing in at ATLs” talked about in this sub every time the charts are in the red. You should check more often. 😅

  2. People follow trends.
    If bitcoin is going up, then buyers would FOMO in with confidence that it will go up.
    If bitcoin is going down, then buyers would be fearful and have no confidence because it may dip more and they will lose money.

  3. Russia is in Donetsk and the fed will raise interest rates, I’m waiting for the Russia is in Kyiv and the fed actually raises interest rates dip, however I still invested some on this dip already just in case

  4. cos at ATH – they want you to be bag holders and ATL they want to buy as much bag as possible. Its pretty clear – forums run by bots, shills on corporate media and influencers pnd

  5. It’s not only greed, they don’t buy because they fear it can go lower and that’s what’s happening since month so it can go on much longer.
    Let them dude, they will buy when they feel comfortable

  6. All Time Low’s? The ATL for Bitcoin would be a fraction of a penny back in 2009/10.

    If I get a chance to FOMO in at those prices I promise you I will not miss it.

  7. If you remove greed and FOMO irrespective of ATH or ATL, stick to the proven strategies like DCA the you would become one of the best investor.

  8. At first, I thought I bought the dip. I gradually came to know that just when I buy, it dips. Hmu if you need to stack a coin and waiting for it to go down, I buy and down we go.

  9. We can’t really do anything about that tbh, Just now if BTC pumps 1k everyone would be suddenly bullish. That’s how the mind works.

  10. That’s just basic human psychology. Most people don’t want to invest in something that is continually losing value. They will wait for it to bottom out, start to rise, and then invest.

  11. I think it’s mostly to do with risk aversion. It’s easier to convince yourself by putting money into something that goes higher. Much harder on the way down.

    Almost the same for most who try selling and say they will buy back in lower. Most talk themselves out of it. Or as the saying goes. (all talk no action)


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