Passive Crypto Income

Hi guys!

What are the best ways you have found to earn passive crypto income?

I have done Coinbase and cmc earn/learn. I have the carrot and sator apps – although the rewards are tiny. I am currently staking using Cosmostation and trust wallet, and exploring liquidity pools on osmosis.

Are there any other great staking or liquidity opportunities that you guys use? Or other types of passive (or near passive) crypto income?

Ideally the more trustworthy, the better. I have a decent range in my portfolio so would be interested to hear the Wallace’s and liquidity pools that you guys find best for whichever assets you hold.


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13 thoughts on “Passive Crypto Income”

  1. On Coinbase Algorand pays 4% apy compounded daily. Or Eth2 pays 4.5%, but the money is locked until launch. You don’t have to do anything except hodl.

  2. Check out this project Bankers Dream. They’re built specifically for passive income. Daily AMA’s on their telegram if you wanna determine their trustworthiness for yourself.

  3. I stake MATIC (10%), BTC (4.5%) and ETH (5.5%) on and ALGO (4%) Coinbase. For someone new to the game who’s not delved into defi it is perfect


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