A beginners guide to the Algorand ecosystem. Algorand has seen a huge explosion of development over the last year. Here is an updated list of Wallets, Explorers, DeFi platforms, Gaming, and Music & NFT market places to get you up to speed on the best dApps on Algorand.

Algorand in the last year has seen a Cambrian explosion of development and partnerships. Looking back it’s hard to believe we have come this far as it’s easy to take it for granted. This time … Read more

Free ways to earn crypto

I have seen a lot of comments lately were people are loving the low prices and wishing they could keep accumulating, but they don’t have extra fiat to purchase crypto. Here are a few ways … Read more

For Eth held on exchanges

Will you recieve the new POS chain or POW chain when the fork happens? Obviously Eth2 held on CB will remain Eth2, but for regular ethereum held on coinbase or FTX, will the exchanges basically … Read more

What do you not understand about cryptocurrency?

Hi all Naturally, all of us regulars here are cryptographic/cryptocurrency experts with enough knowledge to make sound trading and investment decisions. Without this important knowledge we wouldn’t be making such large purchases of Bitcoin. Recently … Read more

Bitcoin hitting 21k

We woke up to a beautiful green BTC candle. [$100 Million shorts got REKT]( during this pump. Bitcoin also broke out of the [EMA-9]( like it was nothing. An indicator that was rejected for WEEKS … Read more

Using crypto for daily spending?

I think we all want as much mainstream adoption of crypto as possible. However, I feel like even if I could pay some general stuff with crypto (e.g. groceries, gas), I probably would not do … Read more

The Path to Mass Adoption

We need to start a campaign to get small and local businesses accepting crypto (stablecoin) payments. As a business owner myself, I’ve started to understand the benefit of crypto even deeper. Here’s a few reason … Read more

Is ‘The Merge’ bullish or bearish?

‘The Merge’ narrative continues to bring interest and trading activity to crypto. In August, Ethereum accounted for 40% of all crypto trading volume. BTC had around 30%. Ahead of ‘The Merge’ ETH derivative markets are … Read more

Bitcoin and Global Liquidity

I’ve been thinking about the relationship between bitcoin and crypto and global central bank policies, given that Bitcoin was born out of the aftermath of 2008, when global central banks did QE1 [Fed and Canada … Read more