Over $100 Million dollars worth of shorts on ETH and BTC were liquidated in almost 5 minutes flat.

You can see some of the short and long data here and track the liquidations live. [

BTC has finally broken out past it’s $45k sell wall briefly moving past $46k indicating that larger gains over the coming week may be quite likely.

Ethereum climbed up past $3.2k with its next resistance around $3.5k.

The US FED has promised to lower their monthly purchases of stocks and bonds, and is also starting to increase interest rates back from it’s long 0% rate during the pandemic. This should put some downpressure on most stocks now that it isn’t effectively “free” to continue to borrow massive amounts of money.

Obviously there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the global markets with the war in Ukraine, but I don’t see crypto taking any worse of a blow due to fear than regular stock and ETF options.

China is also dealing with their massive housing financial crisis, which isn’t made any better bycurrent events.

With inflation at all time highs (and is NOT transitory, likely to keep increasing) crypto is proving it’s a necessity for storing value outside of fiat currencies.

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46 thoughts on “Over $100 Million dollars worth of shorts on ETH and BTC were liquidated in almost 5 minutes flat.”

  1. First time on that site. See:

    >The largest single liquidation order happened on Bitmex – XBTUSD value $10.00M


    Someone lost 10 mil – PooF

    just like that…

  2. I would be hesitant to be hopeful, there’s not a lot of volume and April 1 is around the corner.

    This is a good sign obviously, but I’m not so sure it’ll hold

  3. Shorts getting liquidated is one of the few times where people losing money leads to everyone else becoming happy

  4. Why would a liquidation cause it to pop? Wouldn’t they be forced to sell at market ask? Wouldn’t that mean it continuously goes lower and lower? If the demand was there prior it would have just kept going up naturally.

    Edit: never mind, I’m dumb. If shorts were liquidated then they had to buy them back at market value, which explains the pop (they had to buy everything at market value). Just excuse me..

  5. you had me until you said it couldn’t take any worse of a blow. the us economy is in pretty bad shape right now and if it crashes the markets will come down with it

  6. Noob question. You say ETH next resistance is around 3.5k but how do you or anyone else know that? I see people talking about it in stocks and always been intrigued

  7. What I find more amusing is how quickly the bears shut up on this sub.

    They’ll never learn and instead will just stay poor, perpetually blaming others for their problems.

  8. 100 million is nothing as compared the the major dip. Just wondering if there will be a long liquidation soon? You know, the whales gonna have their lunch for both sides.


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