Out of the current top 10 coins which one will still be in the top 10 in 2025 and why?

The top 10 I’m reffering to does not include stable coins as well as wrapped coins.

We all might know by now that this could be the start of a longer bear market accompanied by a global recession caused by war, covid etc.

Next BTC halving will be in 2024 and usually it takes around 1 year after this event that things start going bullish again. Additionally a recession lasts for approx. 500days which means this one might end somewhen at the beginning of 2024.

This is why I think the whole bear cycle in crypto may last until late 2024 / early 2025.

Which out of the following coins may still be around in 2025 and which ones will fail (defined as going out of let’s say top 50 by mc)? What is your guess and how do you explain it?

1) BTC
2) ETH
3) BNB
4) XRP
5) ADA
6) SOL
8) DOT
10) TRX

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25 thoughts on “Out of the current top 10 coins which one will still be in the top 10 in 2025 and why?”

  1. Besides the obvious (BTC and ETH)… I think ADA, DOT, SOL, LINK, ALGO, and MATIC will all make it through (although not all top 10)…. This is based on me being balls deep in all of them, and blind hope… 😅😅

  2. During the bear, I am only DCA’in into ETH and BTC. They are the only coins I am 100% comfortable saying will survive into the next bear

  3. I feel like with the spectacular failure of the LUNA algorithm, people are going to be attracted by ADA’s slow and careful approach.

  4. For me ADA is the clear answer. The slow, meticulous and peer reviewed approach to creating it can be annoying for people who are waiting for functionality, but it makes it all the more resilient to Luna esq situations

  5. The obvious are the first 2. BNB will probably survive. Same with XRP. Ada sol and dot will probably still be around during the next bull run but idk about top ten.

  6. XRP, company is already operating as if they’ve lost the lawsuit. Regardless of outcome in the states, XRP is accepted currently globally.

  7. BNB
    they control the prices of almost every coin and are buddies with most of the govs.
    Crypto is centralized as fuck

  8. In all likelihood, at least 6 new ones that nobody has ever heard of at this point. Probably more like 7 or 8 new ones.

  9. they will all be there except for avax and trx it will get bumped down for the next new shiney bullrun coins

    the top four shouldnt change


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