Other Layer One protocols are not ready to do battle with ETH

As an investor, I was looking for the next ETH, a layer 1 protocol ready to blow up and challenge Ethereum. I bought $ONE, considering $AVAX, $FTM, $ROSE, $XTZ and a few others. But even with ETH’s deficiencies which are to be corrected in long awaited 2.0 update, these guys just aren’t ready yet.

To be fair I was late for AVAX entry in 2021, even so, they don’t seem capable of handling these multitudes of transactions as well. ETH gas fees must be better managed. Do you think I’m missing the boat. Are there ETH slayers out there?

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22 thoughts on “Other Layer One protocols are not ready to do battle with ETH”

  1. The main reason why it’s so hard to beat ETH is its decentralization and network security. Not sure about other fields but there is an inherent first mover advantage in network building and decentralization. The competitors need a lot of time to be in the same league as ETH

  2. ETH has first mover advantage with thousands of projects, many in the top spots running on its backbone.

    Like trying to unseat Microsoft in the PC market. Sure there are alternatives, but it’s not going to rival ETH.

  3. Avax cant manage? Dude even if u pay 14 dollars its still better than 300 in fees.
    I do not understand why every “eth killer” must be perfect from the beginning when eth is struggling for 7 years now. Avax for example is barely a year live and actually better than other L1s which are live since 5+ years. Yes it is not Ethereum but how could it be?!
    These comparisons and judgments are so narrow minded

  4. I agree mostly. But you give any of these coins the same amount of time that ETH has had in the market, its safe to assume theyd be just as impressive or better than ETH. Just still too early to tell.

    Ethereum WILL continue to have first mover advantage from here until the end of time.

  5. Imo there is no eth slayer unless they fuckup. But it is clear that eth 2.0 will not solve their issues. It will improve it but not solve the issues. So they will continue to lose out abit of business.

  6. Well it’s your lucky day because there’s actually an ETH slayer out there. Research more about Hedera and you’ll not regret it I promise and still be early to catch a boat 🙂


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