Opportunity of a life time!

I was recently taking a browse through the CoinMarketCap pages where I came across a trending meme coin. Not only did I click on the name since it referenced more than one of the current top meme coins, think something like “Dog Dog”. Intrigued, seeing the Volume on it tripled in the matter of minutes, I dug further.

In the comments of CMC (side note: wtf?) I was shilled the mother of all opportunities.

Not only could I invest in the random “project” but there’s a **fixed APR** of… wait for it… 158,893.59%!

To put it simply, I invested $100k into the coin and I’m now making $43 thousand dollars (millions? the math was too much for my brain of mush, sorry) a day!

This project has changed my life in a matter of seconds, and I think you should invest in \_\_\_\_\_\_ too!

Jokes aside, this was legit advertised in the CMC comment section, I won’t link to either projects, but this is the level of bullshit some people believe somehow. Figured a bit of comedy was necessary in such shit times in the world.

Much love to you all, and be safe.

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39 thoughts on “Opportunity of a life time!”

  1. You won’t find a biggest pile of moist garbage than the CMC comment section (or chat, whatever that is). I’m not sure why that exists. It’s just bots spamming scams nonstop.

  2. The reason these continue to proliferate is people rationalize it like this: “I’ll only “invest” a small portion of my portfolio to it. If it rugs, I’ve only lost a small amount of money. If the APY stays for a bit and it moons, I’m rich!”

    Great concept if you only do it once. The problem is people keep seeking them out and they do it over and over again.

    Death by a thousand cuts

  3. Balls deep amigo! Sell everything you own, get a second mortgage, and HODL no matter what happens. If it looses 99.99% of its value, have no fear…I’m sure it will surpass BTC within a few months. NFA…DYOR.

  4. I’m genuinely curious as to how this works. Do they keep issuing new coins in order to payout APR? At some point, don’t they run up against the limitations of n-bit floating point number representations?

  5. Sorry I know it’s not the right section. When was it changed that accounts need 60 day old account and 500 karma to post in this sub?

  6. I actually had to go back to the top and make sure it was a comedy.

    So easy to have a FOMO and Hopium all at the same time.

  7. My brother put 100$ few days ago into a meme coin.

    Went up to 3k in two days.

    Three THOUSAND dollars from 100$

    I am pleading with him to sell.
    Its a pump and dump coin.

    But he wont have it. Decided to hodl.

    Ironically he is the one who got me into crypto.
    Then again his portfolio is green, mine not so much … So looks like Im the silly one.


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