Now it’s not the time to be careless with your words – let’s please have some empathy

*Disclaimer: I was invested in LUNA and UST so I’m talking from experience here*

I just want to say to everyone using crypto social media in this past day, please please be very gentle with your words. There are **a lot** of posts on Reddit talking about people losing their life savings, feeling “weirdly detached” from seeing their money vanish in thin air, and everyone panicking…

… and even then, you see other people commenting stuff like “I feel better about reading these posts, I would never trade leverage, my funds are safe”.

**This is not the time to boast about your good decisions in other people’s misery posts.** People are attempting suicide. With people in this state, all it takes is a single comment reinforcing their “dumb” decisions for someone to take their lives away.

Please, please be gentle with your words during this time. Offer help, offer your presence if they need to talk.

We can talk about strategies and good/bad decisions after the fire is put off. For now, let’s just be human beings and support whoever is feeling lost in this shitstorm.

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32 thoughts on “Now it’s not the time to be careless with your words – let’s please have some empathy”

  1. I’m genuinely sad for those who invested in LUNA. Idk i nver even looked at that coin’s direction but to see it drop ++90% in 1 day is sad especially if you think about all the people who invested on it and their stories.

  2. Everyone got into crypto with the hope of making money. At least we are better than those who try to scam others. We all take shots. Some work out and some don’t.

    But nothing is worth more than your life. Don’t give up. If you have lost money due to any bad financial action, learn from them and never repeat them.

  3. Some lessons in life are hard earned. This is a key lesson not to gamble with your life savings on something so volatile and never take loans for it. Most stuff I have learned in life come from failing at it first or messing something up. They should take this as a hard lesson and don’t repeat it.

  4. Okay, but I would also recommend that folks take this opportunity to remember that in general the crypto community has been snarky as fuck and treated everyone who wasn’t involved in it like they were the stupid people. So I mean there’s a little bit of taste of your own medicine happening here. Everything that you’re saying is correct about kindness, but it’s also important to take responsibility for how this community has treated the people outside of it for the last few years. When you call everyone else stupid for not doing what you’re doing, and then the thing that you’re doing ends up hurting you, it makes you more likely to feel hurt than if you hadn’t made fun of the people who didn’t participate in the first place. It makes you feel more shame about failing. So consider saving your own mental health by refraining from that in the future as well.

  5. I don’t come online very much anymore to avoid any negativity and stay focused on my plan, I’d suggest others do the same as it takes away some stress …

  6. I agree to a certain extent. Its completely fine if someone points out for example that an algorithmic stablecoin is more risky than most other investments. That actually helps people learning from their mistakes but posts like “lol I told you soo scrub” are completely unnecessary

  7. It’s a shame that a post like this even has to be made. You should never brag about your achievements and you should never wallow in the failures of others.

    You can feel relieved it wasn’t you, you can feel fortunate that you did well. General respect and sympathy is all you need.

  8. This sub telling people how great each “project” is and too the moon! Is responsible.

    You people are responsible.

  9. People are quick to judge and cant imagine themselfs in other people shoes ..
    People underrate the Power of a hello/smile or asking how the person is doing.

    I have a personal friend that was saved by a stranger the day that he was going to commit suicide.
    He was on a bus stop and a old man all smiles started a conversation and they talked for Over an hour ..and that pushed him back from the Abyss

    BE compassionate…its worth it

  10. Agreed, yet make sure to chose your words wisely, or even better: make people contact a hotline.

    You do not know their situation and what you could believe is kind words may have the opposite effect.

    I saw the message from someone who attempted suicide here who basically said he lost money in crypto/trading, made his attemps with pills, then recovered by driving his business well, talking to friends and family, then make a great comeback in trading and so on.

    While it may be seen like an encouraging and interesting tale, it is actually kicking depressed people in the nuts. Not everyone has a succesful business to turn to. Or friends. Or family. And telling people who lost money due to bad decision to gamble their money again once they are up is not a good idea either.

    Quite frankly i am not going to suicide about this, i have other plans and reasons. But his message really didnt help me at all.

  11. Everyone going through it I feel your pain, sad part is I took 100k margin a month ago got lucky and made my money back and like a dumbass got back in it a couple weeks ago lost 70% of my portfolio so far. And I had 75% of my savings in it so I feel your pain. Just hang in there life will turn back around.

  12. Pity how some people so desperately need to watch others suffer to feel excited and good about themselves. Tells a lot about them.

    Stay humble, people! If you’ve done well on the charts, try to do well at being a decent human being as well. It’s not that difficult.

  13. I feel like the hotline is going to be posted soon. More pain is coming. It’s already posted in the terra sub and I’ve seen some dark stuff on cosmos sub as well

  14. Disclaimer: we’ve all lost money in crypto, so all the UST folks have just joined this entirely unattractive club that no one wants to be a part of.

    I think different than OP. Not to be hurtful to any particular individual, but to discourage excessive borrowing.

    While it’s really hard to go through a loss on some leveraged position, it’s fundamentally asinine, dangerous, and playing **right into the house** to do so with money you actually truly need.

    I don’t want to pile on any particular individual, even more so when we all know this could go on for some time, but I think it’s irresponsible to put more into crypto than you can afford to lose. Now is definitely the time to drill that into investors heads.

  15. I feel sorry for people who lost their money in cryptos. However, it’s been repeatedly told not to put more money than they could afford to lose! That’s a golden advice no one should forget investing into any of the cryptos including BTC/ETH.

  16. It was very promising, when Luna backed their stable coin with all that BTC. The definition of a rugpull…..scum. If this is the beginning of a recession, hold on to your butt’s. Glad I never went full “no” fiat. But this is getting grim for altcoins and my selfworth. Stay safe and try to be loving. I’m somewhere in a cave.

  17. It’s hard to have empathy for crypto investors when so many of you would not listen to us skeptics. We warned you all countless times in social media comments sections and crypto bros would always act like smug idiots saying enjoy your lousy gains on the share market blah blah blah. Now you’re all far more fucked than us in the share market and learning a valuable lesson in investment and greed. There is no better financial lesson than losing money, it makes you far more protective with your money and to not invest in garbage like crypto.

  18. Funny how now you want sympathy when this sub regularly shits on other people’s investment, namely safemoon and other similar projects.

  19. Totally agree with you. You don’t know the specific situation of someone in the other side of the screen. Be gentle, polite, etc. You don’t want to be the reason why someone suicide.

    Also if someone needs to talk, be free to contact me. You are not alone.

    Be safe.

  20. Times like this leads to a lot of buttcoiners coming on this sub to mock everyone. Your request for empathy won’t reach those with hate in their hearts.

  21. Thing is. Haven’t we seen this movie already in 2017/18?

    It’s not ancient history i don’t understand why anyone would have bought crypto at anywhere over 20k.

    And if they had their reasons such as investing long term they shouldn’t be whining


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