Now is a great time to get a new job.

Dips and sideways action aren’t exactly exciting times, so instead of watching charts all day, send out some applications to higher paying jobs!

Let’s look at the numbers. Back in January you may have gotten a small raise. Probably in the neighborhood of 1-2% which isn’t even close to this year’s inflation numbers. Let’s say you’re also early in your career and making $35k annually. If you can land a job with a salary of $40k you’ve increased your earnings by about 14% which is double the inflation rate!

In practical terms that means going from about $2,900/month to $3,300/month, a $400 increase!

Now here is the real kicker. Take that $400 of new money you have every month and invest every penny of it! Crypto, stocks, whatever, just throw all of it into the market and keep living like you only make $2,900. That extra cash will start compounding right away and the gains will really roll in.

Then, two years later, rinse and repeat! You can even start throwing out applications every year just to see if any great opportunities show up. Remember, every new year means another year of experience you have in your field which means you can command a higher salary in your new position!

Go forth, my friends, and make more money to buy more Bitcoin with!

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29 thoughts on “Now is a great time to get a new job.”

  1. Definitely lie to them about current salary. Was looking for a bump up due to being underpaid while having a couple more years under my belt. Recruiter told me he would only send my resume to people for like 5-10% more than my current pay, so I told him to not bother and lied to the next one. Ended up getting a 28% raise.

  2. This was me in 2017. Quit a job I loved to grind my ass off to really get a slice of the pie after the 2017 bullrun. I’ve told my story a couple of times and people always end up asking me what I started doing for a living.

    I then subsequently get downvoted for what I can only imagine is them being pissed off because it wasn’t something they could do from their parents basement. Some of yal need to get your shit together and get after them satoshis.

  3. Struggling to get a pay rise due to my current job so my only way is to study and aim for a better profession so I could earn more. Currently doing 2 Jobs. 1st job is for my savings and emergency fund. 2nd job is purely for my crypto started last week of December 2021. More time to grind on before the next cycle. Hopefully hardwork pays off. Working from Monday – Sunday 1 off 76-80hrs of hardwork a week.

  4. Just interviewed today, 2nd interview tomorrow. First guy told me to expect $40 an hour so wish me luck boys….if I get the job I am going to have a field day with my portfolio :p

  5. Also, best time to look for a new job is while you are in a job. If you see clouds on the horizon (the company is struggling, or you are unsure of your future there) start applying sooner rather than later.

  6. It is always a great time to get a new job. You should always be looking for a better paying position if you don’t have your dream job or think it would be even better somewhere else.

  7. Easier said than done. I’m a second class citizen in Canada, so I’m just crossing my fingers that my current company doesn’t mandate the you-know-what.

    I’d love to leave, but I shot myself in the foot by not pursuing a career on the TN visa list. I may consider pivoting at some point here. I hated the comp sci 101 class I took in Uni, but Software dev salaries make me wish I more strongly considered it.

  8. Literally just had an interview today as a financial planner assistant, little do they know I don’t know shit about fuck.

    If my ex boyfriends have taught me anything, fake it till you make it.

  9. Got a well paid job and utilizing it buying more BTC and Staking some ALBT maybe I’ll send out an application for an a side job to acquire more assets.


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