Not really a Bull market, not really a Bear market, more like a Kangaroo market.

I think crypto may end up creating a new kind of market, kind of like what we are seeing for the last 2 months or so. Its definitely not a traditional bull or bear market so I’m dubbing this more of a kangaroo market with all the ups and downs. Shouldn’t be long till we see another slight bump or dip as we go through the month of February. Traditionally February has been very bullish for crypto but we have yet to see it take place. The market is showing great resilience though to all the recent FUD that would have brought the price down even more in times past. Try to look at the silver lining as we go through Q1, who knows by the end of it we may see a new ATH!

I feel like the line has been drawn in the sand as far as how low investors want the market to go, I can’t wait to see that line move up another 15 to 20 percent. New floors are great for the industry as a whole and I’m more then ok if this is the new floor. Yesterday’s news in my mind should have crashed the market even more but it held strong and that resilience will continue to move things onward and upward 🚀🚀

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34 thoughts on “Not really a Bull market, not really a Bear market, more like a Kangaroo market.”

  1. “De Nile” ain’t just a river in Egypt. Things are bearish right now. Even if you brought me all the animals in the zoo, I’m picking bear.

    Set your buy limits. If they’re filled – congrats, you bought low. If they’re not filled – congrats, BTC and the entire asset class is trading higher.

    Bull markets make you money, bear markets make you rich.

  2. We’re down over 50% in 3 months it’s safe to say it’s a bear market. That just means now is a good time to accumulate for the next bull run

  3. It’s either bull market or bear market. Sentiment shifts are rapid and there is no in between!!

    Or….let’s just see where it brings us and DCA 👍

  4. Any market be it as long as you hold you make the real gains and not by selling it at lower level and buying when it’s at peak high

  5. Barring a new catalyst? This is probably going to be the norm until the next bitcoin halving. A constant hopping kangaroo. With increasing amounts of currency bridges, on market scales everything moves together more or less.

    The stimulus checks and people being pulled into crypto via Doge acting like a gateway crypto were both a sugar rush for the crypto market.

  6. This is 100% a bear market and anyone who says different is lying to themselves.

    But that’s okay. I’m right at my cost basis, and even if I wasn’t that’s fine. I’ll keep on lowering my cost basis and accumulating.

  7. What’s *bullish* is easy to see,
    When the consequences are free,
    But your money will go,
    And soon you will know,
    That it’s *bullshit*, just missing a T.


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