Not Everything Needs to be Turned into an NFT!!!

So I love crypto, love the crypto community, however I’ll be the first to admit we can sometimes be too passionate about crypto, and in particular NFT’s.

Anytime any area of society or commerce comes up everyone’s all “we gotta turn this into an NFT”, “real estate will all be NFTs”, “we should turn ticketing into NFTs”. This morning I was on LinkedIn and noticed several posts saying how all kids toys and action figures will one day be NFTs.

If crypto, or even more so NFTs actually improve upon an existing system by offering more security, make it more trustworthy, make it more open, by all means great, but the idea that everything needs to be integrated into crypto, blockchain, or turned into an NFT is silly. As the saying goes, if it’s not broke don’t fix it and things typically work better when you “KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid”!

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26 thoughts on “Not Everything Needs to be Turned into an NFT!!!”

  1. Personally I’m still waiting for a good real life use case for nfts. I’m yet to be convinced any system (ticking/house deeds etc) would be better served on chain. All the things people bring up can be done cheaper and easier on a normal application, in most cases decentralised difference and no enterprise is gonna spend time developing them for no benefit.

  2. Well there are good arguments for real estate, ticketing, certifications, and authenticity. So a lot of the use cases being brought up are totally valid.

    Toys may come with NFTs in the future but no child gets as excited about an intangible object as one they can hold. Marketing hype aimed at parents in my opinion.

    Would be curious to know what OP has a problem with specifically. Examples of things being pushed as NFT with basis for why it’s bad/non-starter/etc. I feel like I missed the point because most of the examples are good use cases.

  3. I’m still curious how it would be good for ticketing. What would prevent Ticketmaster from just adapting to a new method? Genuine question if anyone has the answer.

  4. > This morning I was on LinkedIn and noticed several posts saying how all kids toys and action figures will one day be NFTs.

    LinkedIn? I thought that was for job networking…

    Anyway, kid toys as NFTs seems dumb to me because the point is to play with them, not just look at them. Action figures IDK- do collectors actually play with them or pose them or are they just bookshelf decorations? If they’re just decorations they might be better off as digital goods- less wasteful that way. But maybe it’s more about the physical art aspect.

    As for the other things, I think in most cases if you have some kind of paper certificate denoting ownership it’s a perfect opportunity for tokenization. Mortgages, car titles, college diplomas, certifications, event tickets, stuff like that. It makes it way easier to verify ownership of those assets when you need to do so, and they can be integrated into the larger cryptoeconomy easily.

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  6. I was at a conference in London today and went to a talk a number of talks on NFTs, Crypto and gaming. Let’s just say we have only just begun. In the grand scheme of things, the companies that have all the money in the world are now doing everything they can to use this new technology and the upcoming features that come with web3. It’s going to change pretty much every industry that has some kind of online presence.


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