Nobody blames FIAT when criminals launder money, but when they use Crypto, it’s a Crypto problem.

The same thing was happening during the beginnings of the internet era. If someone was kidnapped or murdered by someone they met on the internet, media blamed the internet.

Decades later, people are over it because internet is a necessary part of their lives.

The world’s ‘regulated’ banks are laundering more than $2 trillion every year.

If that was a case of Cryptocurrency, there would be numerous “BREAKING NEWS” topics, posts, titles about how Crypto is ruining the whole world financial system, helping the criminals and all kinds of panic stories.

Will we ever get importial news? Did you know that terrorists sometimes drive in cars and are drinking bottled water? Did you know that when you don’t breathe you die? And also that every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes?? Wow.

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28 thoughts on “Nobody blames FIAT when criminals launder money, but when they use Crypto, it’s a Crypto problem.”

  1. We should place blame where it belongs.

    I blame prohibition for drug abuse and human trafficking.

    I blame abstinence education for teen pregnancy.

    And I blame the tax code for money laundering.

  2. Government – Crypto is evil and only used by bad guys for drugs and crime because it can’t be tracked.

    Government the next day – We tracked 4 Billion in stolen Crypto and arrested some people…. I guess we get to keep the Crypto?

    Government just wants control. Another version of this is when they outlawed personal gold ownership in the US.

  3. I agree with you, that crypto does not have an illegal activity problem.

    But, fiat is used far more often per day than crypto, so has a high absolute amount of illegal activity.

    Crypto has a high RELATIVE crime rate, as it has fewer transactions a day, so more illegal activity per 1000 transactions.

    But yes, the problem is completely overblown.

  4. The federal reserve literally loans money it doesn’t own and then charges interest on that money that never existed. We have waaaaaay bigger problems than money laundering. The whole system is rigged by the banking cartel.

  5. This is a great point. No doubt that fiat is used for way more criminal activity then crypto is. Not to mention the ”legal” illegal activity it’s used for by the banks etc.

  6. Nothing but the purpose of FUD

    Criminals use all kind of assets with their stolen money – fiat, property, cars, gold, crypto. No reason for crypto to be singled out specifically, even though compared to alot of the other things listed it can be easier to track on the block chain

  7. Majority of people and media prefer to blame things they don’t understand.

    Violence in schools – of course video games are to blame, no bullying by other students, terrible parents or mental problems

    Kidnapping- internet to blame, cause obviously everyone is serial killer here and totally not true most kindnappers are people victim knew in real life.

    Money laundering – crypto, even if most illegal money are laundered by fiat.

    Small minded people like to find easy solution, they need someone or something to blame.

  8. Nobody talks about the $100,000,000+ million in illicit gold coming out of Peru and surrounding area which has a human toll as well as a flood of chemicals and mercury into the environment. I wonder why? 🤷🏻‍♂️


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