new venture PoopCoin seeks first-round funding

PoopCoin is a “craptocurrency” powered by the human colon, which leverages the world’s feces, bathrooms, and sewage processing infrastructure (PortalPotties) to deliver unrelenting value to the marketplace through sustainability-by-design. Individual coin “ownershit” records are stored in a ledger called a Log and accessed through a digital wallet called a Diaper.

Series A funding for investors with the intestinal fortitude to get in early is being handled by BrownBrothers. Please fax them for information.

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25 thoughts on “new venture PoopCoin seeks first-round funding”

  1. Already invested in wankoff coin. It uses higher grade energy production protocol that converts motion heat into energy and sells back that energy to the power grids, you can pull your Mickey at home and earn cash, huge future potentials and gains.

  2. Why not call it shitcoin instead of poopcoin lol ? It’s the most used term in this sub or anywhere in reddit alone .

  3. My newborn daughter is very active in the poop ecosystem. Numerous daily transactions through her Diaper wallet. Pretty low fees are nice I guess, but they use a lot of energy.


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